The Payany project is creating an innovative economic system on a global scale, paving the way for a macro change towards a life based on shared values. Collaboration, ethics, solidarity, and transparency are core elements of value creation for all.

About Payany

Payany – A new economic system with a global scope

PayAny is a decentralized corporation with investments across Asia in eight main areas: telecommunications, technology, finance, social networking, online games, and e-commerce.

As one of the leading corporations in the region, PayAny LLC has continued to deliver strong leading growth and profitability through successful investment strategies and stable returns over the years.

The multinational corporation works to create sustainable growth for core activities in all industries. We have been and will be a strong driver of global economic & social growth, starting from Asia.

We will strive to provide quality products and services to our users while remaining a corporation with a commitment to transparency and top quality management. Always pursue innovation and increase competitiveness through the use of modern technology & architecture.

Payany’s Dapp Technology

The technology of the Dapp application helps this project to be fully decentralized

Dapp stands for Decentralized Applications, a new type of blockchain application that is changing the way businesses operate. Because Dapps are fully decentralized, meaning they are not controlled by any agency. 

Leveraging the power of Payany Dapp technology was born and created a new investment playground for the community. 

  • The application is 100% open source, so Payany is run automatically, and no organization controls most of the token.
  • The application adjusts the protocol to meet the proposed improvements and market feedback but all changes must be decided by the user’s consent.
  • The application helps Payany have an encrypted token. This token is required for accessing the application.
  • Data and operational records are stored encrypted in a public, decentralized blockchain to avoid centralization, easily becoming a weakness.
  • The application creates tokens for the project based on a standard cryptographic algorithm that serves as evidence of the valuable nodes contributing to the application.

Payany will be fully decentralized, creating an important foundation for the development of the project. Once the first step is taken, technical progress can be taken to ensure that these projects are 100% resistant to attack, security, and censorship.

Payany Token (DPA)

The Payany project will issue tokens that bring high value to users. In particular, the PayAny token is developed according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, under Smart Contracts and Smart Contribution Mechanism. The initial total supply is 500 million DPA.

Total supply: 500,000,000

Token Name: DPA

Contributing currency: ETH DPA

Blockchain standard: ERC2

Features of DPA

DPA implements a fair value-exchange system at a global level. Our innovative Proof-of-Contribution (PoC) blockchain mechanism is the unique consensus algorithm developed for DPA Technical Developing Department. In particular, PoC based on user contributions to the network. The amount of coins mined is determined by the amount of capital deposited. Such information will be stored and displayed in a blockchain smart contract, which will then be automatically enforced.

It can be seen that DPA uses much less energy than other blockchains while allowing faster transactions. We are proud that DPA is now the most transparent, ecological and resilient cryptocurrency available.

DPA includes outstanding features such as:

  • Environment: Very low power consumption even with hundreds of transactions per minute
  • Accuracy: The verification notes according to the cohesion ensure the exact time in blocks is 3 minutes
  • Quick: Transactions show up within seconds, full verification in less than 3 minutes.
  • Decentralization: Maximize the freedom in each user community but make strategic decisions together
  • Transparency: The core of the entire project is based on the transparency of coin ownership, ensuring NO corruption.
  • Guarantee Fund: Contribution funds are reserved and displayed transparently in the blockchain.
  • Ecosystem: The DPA ecosystem is ready to use, such as E-commerce, Social Networks, Online Games and many other things being developed.
  • Real Network: Communities regularly organize daily online cooperation and local meetings

Allocation of funds

Mining structure:

80% of the ETH contributed to DPA mining is kept in the Reserved Pool. The only way to withdraw ETH is through swapping DPA to ETH. The swap DPA is then burned and irreversible. All information is displayed in the smart contract and can be easily checked through EtherScan. The remaining 20% ​​is allocated for operating expenses. This fund is used to develop the ecosystem, marketing costs, products, and profits of the company.

  • Project promotion: 5.5% – This fund is used to bring businesses to the community and expand internationally.
  • Project development: 2.5% – For websites, Mobile apps, Token, Games, etc. and also for product maintenance.
  • Ecosystem: 5% – For Social Networks, Provider Networks, E-commerce, Token Accepters, etc.
  • Reserves: 2% – Savings accounts reserved exclusively to meet future expenses or financial obligations, especially unexpected amounts
  • Profit: 5% – Financial benefits from this business.

Decentralized ecosystem

DPA implements a fair value-exchange system at a global level

As decentralized blockchain protocols begin to replace the centralized web services that dominate the Internet today, we will begin to see the true sovereignty of the internet. The internet of the future will be a decentralized system.

Use DPA as a medium of exchange. Accept payments by DPA in your store, support your local business or use DPA online. We are constantly looking for skilled people who want to contribute in promoting this wonderful project.

Do not miss this wonderful investment opportunity, please contact us for more information: