So it’s been about a week of using the COIN app, and I think I inadvertently got the whole team on it because now we all have over a thousand XYO sitting pretty in the app. Not a lot by any stretch of the imagination as I’ve personally seen some 100k COINers posting pics on facebook, but enough to look in-depth and find out some really interesting things about the app.

First of all, MAKE AN ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU GEOMINE.  After a certain point, the app will instruct you to sign up in order to continue mining. I’ve seen multiple reports about XYO tokens going missing after this (around 200 or so) and I’ve personally witnessed this occurring, as well as a few other minor glitches (nothing crazy just one or two tokens disappearing after a mining tap). Other than these little quirks, this truly is a KILLER DAPP.

How fast can you travel and still mine consecutive squares? I haven’t seen this question answered anywhere so naturally, we decided to try it for ourselves. The average top speed we were able to actually mine consecutive squares, without skipping any, was 37.5 MPH. Sidenote, do not drive and mine COIN at the same time! You might be able to find an app that automatically clicks the screen for you to mine while driving or something, but if you happen to click the same square twice, you’ll also need to clear the message that pops up regarding the previously mined square.

How can I get bigger payouts? Don’t yell at me but I’m only 99% sure that having more sentinels will net you more tokens per tap. I say only 99% because my average per tap is around 4.8 when I have 6 or 7 sentinels with me, and around 3.5 when I only have 4 sentinels. Bottom line here is that this is just an average of about a week of testing, and we can almost certainly expect things to change in the future when the app really gets into full swing.

What is the future of COIN app going to be? Imagine a world where all your favorite cryptos and maybe even some brick and mortar, non-blockchain companies, offering geodrops of various coins or tokens simply for visiting a specific location during a specific event. THAT is what the future of COIN app should look like in my eyes. And in speaking with Scott Scheper of XYO, I think that lines up with his vision of the app as well. It could grow into something even bigger than that, but for now I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll hear about partnerships specifically for COIN app soon.

My final thoughts about the COIN app can be easily summarized in the following few sentences. Is it easy to use? Heck yes. Can you earn crypto practically for free? Heck yes. Does it drain your battery like crazy? You better believe it! Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I recommend using a flagship phone (galaxy s range of devices or better) in order to truly experience the COIN app, but in all fairness, I’ve been getting away with using a cheap boost mobile phone from Walmart for the purposes of this test. No outstanding complaints on my experience thus far.

How do you like the COIN app so far? If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave those below, or if you are a member of the site you can visit the support page and talk to one of us live 24/7 so we may answer you directly and with the utmost speed using a double encrypted chat service available to all Silver Tier and above members. If you aren’t yet a subscriber to the website, feel free to browse our available plans located on the register page. 

Have fun mining!