The Game Market in the world is constantly growing and bringing billions of dollars in revenue for developers and related fields. This led to the development and fierce competition between game distribution platforms.

It can be said that Messenger and Telegram are the two most thriving platforms at the moment. However, Telegram’s latest announcement has sparked a new mindset in the gaming community: Will Telegram soon become the leader of the integrated game with the upcoming Lucky Box game?


Recently, Telegram has revealed that it will shake hands with a big gaming provider in the European, Booming Games Platform, to integrate this group’s new game on its messaging platform. This strategic partnership will allow users to experience an extremely new and modern generation of games, which is called Lucky Box. 

Lucky Box was developed by Booming Games Platform, a large corporation in the UK and has a reputation in the field of distributing games on the traditional platform and providing Big Data solutions. 

With the inherent experience and the grasp of technology trends, Lucky Box was born as the most advanced game built on Blockchain’s decentralized application platform. Lucky Box is expected to represent the decentralized generation of games in the world. 

With the criteria to bring new experiences to players, Booming Games Platform thinks that playing online games does not stop in entertainment, not stop in esports arenas, but the game will gradually progress to many other areas in life. First of all, is the financial market. 

Telegram seems satisfied with the goal that the Booming Games Platform aims to: “Make money from entertainment!”


Telegram is a messaging platform trusted by the community and optimal security for users. In recent years, it has started to develop itself in the field of integrating traditional games to bring more experience to customers. Combining with the Booming Games Platform will be a bomb timer that Telegram is carefully holding. Whether this bomb is likely to cause a big bang explosion that Telegram worth holding recklessly is what many people are anxious to wait.

One of the reasons Telegram decided to enter this deal was that its customers were the same: Cryptocurrency investors and holders.

BMG Token will issue the cryptocurrency accompanying Lucky Box in this launching. Of the 1 billion tokens issued, Booming Games Platform uses 50 million to develop and reward in Lucky Box. BMG Token is a currency a bright future with a well-planned development roadmap

In the beginning, BMG Token has been able to reach out to the growing community of Telegram investors through Lucky Box. After it is widely owned and strongly applied in the game ecosystem, 300 million BMG Token will reach investors via ITO. At this time, the value of Token has been affirmed and increased continuously due to the scarcity and the sought-after gamer community around the world.

Simultaneously, Booming Games Platform will soon list BMG Token on 5 top 100 Coinmarketcap exchanges in the 4th quarter this year. This event will push the value of tokens higher than ever. This is when investors owning the BMG Token, not only profit from the Lucky Box ecosystem but also from the price growth of the tokens they are holding. BMG Token will increasingly attract more people to join the Booming Games Platform’s game system that will be developed in the future. This partnership will bring a huge amount of new users to Telegram. 

Predicting, with the success of Lucky Box, BMG Token, Telegram will also rise to the leading position in the chat application market integrated game ecosystem. 

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