Most trading websites will show you a successful and rewarding life of FOREX traders, but in reality, it not that beautiful. So which factors will affect the outcome of the transaction? Experienced traders all agree that the biggest problem is not their approach to trading, but the mentality and discipline. In short, they are not disciplined enough to do what they set out to do.

Our minds have been programmed in the past

From an early age, we are used to the fact that a particular action will produce a particular reaction to which we usually do not have to wait for too long. For example, if we studied for a test, we expect a good grade, or if we bought a bus ticket, we expect to be able to ride the bus. How does it work in trading? In trading, there is no direct proportion between the number of hours spent studying, trading itself and the money earned. Unconsciously, we expect that spending often even many hours a day studying and trading, that the profits must be realized almost automatically. When profits are not made, we needlessly start to feel frustrated.

Our subconscious

Our minds are made up of the conscious and the subconscious, of which approximately 10% are conscious and 90% of our personality is formed by the subconscious.

The primary task of the subconscious mind is the protection of our well-being. The bad part is that the subconscious mind also protects us when trading. As soon as I give a couple of examples, it will all be immediately clear.

  • Premature termination of a position- if trading causes us stress, the subconscious wants nothing other than to rid us of stress. That is why it pushes us to withdraw from a position.
  • Freezing before entry – the subconscious wants to eliminate the stressful situation; therefore it makes us reluctant to enter.
  • We accept low profits – any positive figure as the outcome of a trade causes joy. At the same time, the subconscious does not want positive numbers to change into negative ones.

The power of the subconscious is enormous: we can spend a whole week promising ourselves that we will not move stop-loss prematurely but the minute it comes down to it, we make the same mistake again. Psychology, discipline, fear and subconscious are the factors that make trading a very risky business.

That’s why ACM Market is established.

ACM Capital Holdings is a corporation with more than 20 years of experience in Forex trading, and currently manages capital and assets with a total value of 9.68 billion USD. In 2018, ACM Capital Holdings officially established ACM Markets Investment Fund, marking a new milestone in the field of Forex trading.

We have a team of Forex experts, technical analysts with a combination of many years of experience, and reliable financial news sources, to ensure that foreign exchange transactions are carried out by our team will reach maximum profits.

ACM Makets – planning for the foreign exchange profit guarantee

Javis AI – A tireless trading expert

To ensure the risks and human factors interfere with trading financial decisions will be kept as low as possible, we have researched and developed with a leading team of engineers in the UK to produce Javis AI. Javis AI is a software that has been programmed for years with millions of encrypted transaction data. All of this data comes from the successful trading history of ACM Capital Holdings.

After years of testing, Javis AI has been improved and updated countless times; leading to trading signals that Javis offers that can ensure safe profit for traders. It can be said that Javis AI is the proudest product of ACM Markets.

Javis ‘order processing method is programmed to ensure that most of the orders will be executed in a safe area but with a huge amount, it will guarantee traders’ profit. Transactions processed in milliseconds, it’s impossible for humans to do. In addition, Javis also calculates the risks of market fluctuations, thanks to the simulation algorithm, and the financial information is analyzed by experts so that it can quickly cut losses to preserve the capital of investors.

ACM Market and Javis AI will play a huge role in minimizing risks and thereby maximizing the profitability of forex traders. While ACM Market opens many opportunities and methods for traders to participate with ACM Market in the forex market, Javis AI is a powerful tool to increase the efficiency of capital flows and beneficial for both parties.

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