Currently in the crypto market there are more than 8000 different cryptocurrencies. Its value, coverage and position are being confirmed every day in the cryptocurrency market. In today’s article, we will compare EUSD (EggsBook USD) and Tether (USDT). Then give an in-depth analysis at the respective liquidity of each cryptocurrency as well as the transparency of the issue. See which cryptocurrency suits demand best!

EUSD eggsbook



EUSD (EggsBook USD) is released by the company DAPPS TECHNOLOGIES LTD established with the aim of applying the latest technology based on the Blockchain platform. EUSD started circulating in 2021 and will explode in the near future.

Tether (USDT) is issued by Tether Holdings, a subsidiary of iFinex and the largest stablecoin based on market cap and transaction volume, and was started in 2014.


EUSD helps people participate in the EggsBook ecosystem and the 123Betnow ecosystem because it is the official currency for exchanging and participating in these ecosystems. For the EggsBook ecosystem, EUSD serves as the main currency, used to buy items and fish for members of EggsBook to join in order to increase profits. Because EggsBook is a highly entertaining and income generating game for players when the gameplay is simple and engaging, the game’s characters are diverse, opening up limitless potential.

The game provides players with many utilities and missions for the opportunity to experience and receive many attractive rewards, a game aimed at educating financial knowledge through fish farming as well as a solution to increase income is not limited to age and apply the advantages of Dapp (transparent, convenient, cannot be tampered with).

As for USDT, this cryptocurrency has been widely used and has a strong foothold in the cryptocurrency market. Besides, Tether (USDT) is supported by banks all over the world, it help users gain many benefits from cryptocurrency trading, where this currency is not subject to volatility of cryptocurrencies and USDT trading will make transactions faster and easier, helping you to reduce worrying time while waiting (although patience is necessary, but if it’s a little faster, it’s always good. than).