IPH token

What is Iron Pig Hero (IPH)?

Iron Pig Hero stands out with the image of a heroic pig with a relaxed but proud and calm demeanor showing steadfastness and not worrying about life’s problems. Have a look at the lord of the ocean free. It carries a huge mission as well as brings passive income to investors. The developers share that because the pig symbol is a symbol of prosperity, leisure, and affluence. People also use the image of the pig as a financial symbol.

From the inspiration from the Marvel movie combined with the pandemic, new virus owners are growing, Iron Pig Hero was born as a help and sympathy to countries that are heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The IPH coin development team will develop services, applications and content to ensure that IPH is widely used as a form of currency.

Iron Pig Hero (IPH) was developed with the aim of bringing the entire crypto market forward by applying the philosophy of simplicity and ease of use to reduce the public’s barrier to entry into the world of cryptocurrencies. They will define the space and become the gateway cryptocurrency and reach the participants and bring long-term added value to the holders.

IPH cryptocurency

How to own IPH

Developers notify traders about the IPH listing on exchanges that will be listed on exchanges as soon as possible.

Development potential of IPH

IPH is a cryptocurrency that can generate a lot of profit.

And as more and more people participate, IPH’s charity fundraiser is getting bigger and bigger. This can help many countries that are suffering from Covid-19 pandemics. Owners can donate to charity through the wallet to support the victims of the pandemic. 100% of charity funds will go directly to the countries hit hard by Covid-19.

Therefore, the price of IPH on exchanges will increase as a support for fighting the pandemic. At this time, IPH is not only a coin, but it also represents people’s faith in fighting the pandemic. This is a special attraction for investors.
The members of the Iron Pig Hero ecosystem can earn interest thanks to the “Farming” function and at the same time can benefit the earth with the goal of becoming the first cryptocurrency that can help push back Covid-19 pandemic.

Features of Iron Pig Hero

Transparency: 100% community-driven, 100% community-driven.

Once deposited into IPH, it cannot be withdrawn: 100% of the burned Tokens will be permanently locked and serve the purpose of supporting and helping countries facing difficulties with the pandemic.

Passive “Farming”: 2% of each transaction will be distributed directly to all holders and these will be strictly controlled for users so participants can rest assured about this.

Automated Liquidation: A 2% fee is sent for liquidity on an ever-increasing floor price.

The superiority of the Pig Iron Hero cryptocurrency

Iron Pig Hero token is a cryptocurrency that is known to be easy to use, dominant in the field of technology and is guaranteed to be used as a currency. The development roadmap is very clear, but above all, the potential for extremely high IPH value.