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What is IPH?

IPH is a project to protect our world against Covid-19. IPH Token is a profitable cryptocurrency in which the members of the Iron Pig Hero ecosystem can earn interest thanks to the “Farming” function and at the same time can benefit the Earth. We all know that IPH Token is created based on BEP-20 technology and distributed on top of it, allowing users to hold billions of millions of tokens and bring long-term added value to users.

Iron Pig Hero was born to bring the mission to develop maximum profit for users through its own features and to raise funds for covid-19. Currently, the covid pandemic is developing by a new variant that has caused heavy damage to countries around the world. Therefore, Iron Pig Hero appeared with the goal of fundraising and 100% of charity funds will be transferred directly to countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The great development of cryptocurrencies

Overview and unique features of Iron Pig Hero

  • Transparency: 100% belongs to the community
  • Can’t withdraw: 100% of Tokens burned will be locked forever
  • Passive “Farming”: 2% of each transaction will be distributed directly to all holders.
  • Automated Liquidation: A 2% fee is sent for liquidity on an ever-increasing floor price.

Why should we invest in IPH?

Right now, IPH is a cryptocurrency that can create a lot of advantages for the participants. Members can make money from interest with the “farming” function and can benefit the Earth with the very clear goals of becoming the first cryptocurrency to fight the covid-19 pandemic. .

  With such specific goals, when on the floor the price of IPH self-currency electricity will increase significantly because it will receive a lot of support for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

And benefactors can also use IPH e-wallets to help countries that are struggling with the pandemic. Of course, 100% of charity funds will be transferred to places suffering from the pandemic.

Where to create wallet & store IPH coin?

As far as we know, IPH is developed based on BEP-20 platform, so you can store it on wallets that support BEP-20 standard, so you can store it in most current standard wallets such as:

  • Trust wallet
  • Metamask wallet
Cryptocurrency Signs of Strong Growth This Year

IPH development assessment roadmap:

Phase 1: Collaboration with other smart coins with comics token designs. That is the hinge to prepare the IPH token announcement event to users around the world. Start collaborating with various non-profit organizations.

Phase 2: IPH will be registered on each other such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and some other providers. We will build into a development community, with great influence on users. From here, it is possible to accelerate the signing of contracts with famous people who have great influence in the world. This is an important stage to promote IPH to develop more.

Phase 3: One of IPH’s next roadmaps is to launch more new ecosystems to optimize the interface allowing IPH tokens to become commonly used currencies in the world. Combined with the charity fundraising for the Covid-19 pandemic and the social media campaign, it will make the influence of the cryptocurrency even bigger.

Let’s all join hands to develop the IPH community to partially help repel the Covid-19 pandemic and together with industry experts to develop a growing cryptocurrency.