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Evaluated as the most modern coin, bringing a lot of potential as well as many hopes of the inventor of this EUSD coin. The technology that creates EUSD currency is Blockchain. Before we learn about EUSD, we will learn about the amazing Blockchain technology that has created an extremely valuable coin.

Blockchain is an append-only ledger: that is, data can only be added, and once information is added, it’s extremely difficult to modify or delete it. Blockchain does this by giving a pointer to the previous block in each subsequent block.

The pointer is actually a hash of the previous block. Hashing is the passing of data through a one-way function to create a unique “fingerprint” of the input. If the input was modified even a little, fingerprints would look completely different. Since blocks are chained together, there’s no way for someone to edit the old entry without invalidating the following blocks. Such structure is one of the components that make blockchain secure.

With a great technology, EUSD was born with a strong desire for continuous development. As a community pride and advantages of the EggsBook ecosystem.

What is EUSD?

EUSD is a cryptocurrency. But not the same as fiat currency you used to use, no central bank can check it. Instead, the Eusd financial system is run, used in the ecosystem and the EggsBook community.

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EUSD was the first cryptocurrency in EggsBook, announced and launched recently but received very strong support from investors. It gives users the ability to send and receive cryptocurrency (EggsBook USD, abbreviated as EUSD). What makes it so appealing is that it cannot be censored and the transaction can be done anytime and from anywhere in the EggsBook ecosystem.


In particular, EUSD based on Tron also known as TRC20 is being applied very popularly.

EUSD is a cryptocurrency to store value because it has a stable price of $ 1, often used to “avoid storms” when the market plunges. Can be used to buy and sell eggs or items in the Eggs Book ecosystem, extremely simple to use. You can deposit using USD, litecoin. Tether, …

When using this coin, you will be able to explore many new games, entertaining and earn a good amount, how can you ignore it? Currently, this coin has been listed on the exchange and widely used in the Eggs Book community. So do not hesitate to join the ecosystem to be able to increase your wealth easily and quickly.


Owning EUSD is very simple, players just need to register for an account to join the EggsBook community. When participating in the ecosystem, players will receive many perks as well as the opportunity to own these coins.

In addition, players can buy items, eggs with EUSD from which to raise fish to make a profit for themselves. Moreover, the daily tasks are also very simple, players only need to spend a few minutes to get this potential coin.

In the future, EUSD will grow rapidly. One of the main ideas behind the creation of EUSD is finding a new form of money built on a distributed peer-to-peer network. EUSD offers an alternative economic network that has the potential to help create a better financial system for a better society.