EBP Token

About EBP Token in the hottest fish breeding game in 2021 – Eggsbook

Currently, the term of making money through online games has become a trend of the world. EggsBook is one of the game platforms that help players make money through playing games. And like other money-making games it also owns the currencies so that players can use transactions in the game. The game offers three different currencies, EBP Token, EUSD and Point, each of which has its own functionality. In this article, let’s learn about EBP Token – a potential cryptocurrency.

What is EBP Token ?

EBP Token stands for EggsBook POP Token. This coin is officially released by the company DAPPS TECHNOLOGIES LTD.

EBP Token will be officially listed on the Yobit exchange without going through the ICO or presale period, so it will be transferred directly from Private Investment to Public Offering for everyone can own EBP Token easily. This is the difference that no other coin can make when it first launches to users.

In EggsBook, when you hatch an egg or purchase an item with EBP Token, which creates a scarcity for the EBP Token to increase. Besides, users can use EBP Token to play other minigames in Eggsbook to generate additional income. As a result, it promotes the needs of the community and contributes to a great deal of value increase in EBP Token.

In 2021, EBP Token will be associated with direct consumer payments with e-commerce exchanges, which could make the EBP Token price increase 10 times the starting price.

Some information about EBP Token

The EBP Token, which is EggsBook POP Token, is a cryptocurrency created on the ERC-20 platform.

The total supply of EBP Token is 60 million tokens. In which, 5 million token was released at its first launch; for DEV team and development company 10 Million tokens; Reciprocal capitaland marketing programs are 10 Million tokens and eventually the remaining reserve will be paid in POP form up to 35 Million tokens.

Besides, EBP Token was developed to be used as a currency for the exchange of POP-based dApps games. Players can use this cryptocurrency to buy products, hatch eggs, exchange P2P, trade at the Exchanges, withdraw to wallet, convert to FIAT. Therefore, EBP Token will be a common payment for every game developed using the POP protocol.

To be able to use EBP Token, you first need to deposit EBP Token into the game to receive EUSD, then use EUSD received to buy and sell items, in-game products or exchange for EBP to withdraw to the wallet . You can also join Eggsbook’s ecosystems to generate more EUSD and buy actual products at e-commerce websites. In addition, players can also do in-game missions or tasks to earn more EUSD to increase profits and find ways to own EBP Token to increase compound profits.

The POP’s operational process will cause the EBP Token to be traded continuously, thereby creating EUSD for players to do the task. Besides, this process also boosts demand and continuously reduces supply automatically.

The participating communities that need to use EBP Token include:

·       EBP Agency will need EBP Token to develop the Active Users and MOB.

·       EBP Holder works to store EBP Token because it knows the value will increase in the future, because of this superior model.

·       EBP Player needs EBP Token to play games and use attractive promotions.

·       EBP Trader trades EBP Token in order not to miss the opportunity for a token with a good foundation.

·       EBP POP Requires EBP Token for in-game missions to create other EBP Tokens.

Above is some information about EBP Token. Hope this article will bring you useful information about this potential currency.