At Dapp, any user on the network has the same usage rights, no need to worry about censorship of others. All requests will be made automatically and quickly when the request satisfies the conditions of a pre-programmed smart contract. With a decentralized application, everything is encrypted, immutable, safe, secure and no one has the right to change, fraud, or fraud. Or we can say that Dapp is an application, a completely “autonomous” system.

According to Ethereum White Paper, Dapp is divided into 3 main sections:

Users can use Dapp in many different ways

Financial applications. These applications provide users with financial management, both in traditional currencies and in cryptocurrencies, including savings, inheritance and even some types of comprehensive labor contracts.

Financial selling application. Are applications related to money, but finance is not the focus of how this application works.

Non-financial applications. Applications that are not related to money, such as identity verification, voting systems, administrative tools or even decentralized file storage systems.

What is Payany?

PayAny is a decentralized corporation with investments across Asia in eight main areas: telecommunications, technology, finance, social networking, online games, and e-commerce.

As one of the leading corporations in the region, PayAny LLC has continued to deliver strong leading growth and profitability through successful investment strategies and stable returns over the years.

Payany is creating an innovative economic system with a global scope, paving the way for a macro change towards a life based on common values. Collaboration, ethics, solidarity, and transparency are core elements of value creation for all. Currently, Payany is implementing Payany Ibet and Payany Market (E-commerce).

Payany Token (DPA)

The Payany project will issue tokens that bring high value to users. In particular, the PayAny token is developed according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, under Smart Contracts and Smart Contribution Mechanism. The initial total supply is 500 million DPA.

Total supply: 500,000,000

Token Name: DPA

Contributing currency: ETH DPA

Blockchain standard: ERC2

DPA is committed to a fair value exchange system on a global scale. Our innovative Proof-of-Contribution (PoC) blockchain mechanism is a unique consensus algorithm developed specifically by DPA’s Technical Development Department. In particular, PoC based on user contributions to the network. The amount of coins mined is determined by the amount of capital deposited. Such information will be stored and displayed in a blockchain smart contract, which will then be automatically enforced.

How does Payany work through Dapp?

Dapp will continue to evolve creating new technologies within the blockchain platform

DApp is an open-source software platform that helps Payany perform on decentralized blockchains and is fueled with tokens generated using a protocol/algorithm.

An open-source application that makes Payany truly decentralized because anyone can see and contribute to the source code. It also speeds up the process for the scalability of project development.

Payany decentralizing applications using blockchain is the next step. The blockchain serves as a permanent ledger of records/transactions that anyone can refer to at any time.

And finally, to add records/transactions to such a ledger, Payany tokens are used to be mined or mined using different algorithms/protocols.

Dapp’s application for Payany.

The potential applications of Dapp for Payany are endless. Payany can solve many problems in many areas of transactions such as identity verification, token supply management, user information security and a range of other functions that will become more obvious when the project is more clearly developed. All of Payany’s successes are enjoyed by DApps by enhancing application security, integration with cryptocurrencies and no external interference.

Development roadmap

  • Quarter 2/2019:

Project construction phase

  • Quarter 3/2019:

-Trial phase

– Launched an e-commerce website in September 2019

  • Quarter 4 /2019:

-Promoting Marketing

-Outstanding Payment App

  • Quarter 1/2020:

E-commerce ecosystem

  • Quarter 2/2020:

-Outstanding social networks

– STO phase, issuing 1 Billion shares

  • Quarter 3/2020:

Publish online games

  • Quarter 4/2020:

Payany’s global super event

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