What is DApp?

DApp stands for Decentralized Applications, which means decentralized or decentralized applications. Dapp was born after Blockchain technology and smart contracts were created by Satoshi Nakamoto-the father of Bitcoin.

Blockchain has brought undeniable benefits for technology and future finance. DApps with the role of operating the blockchain and thoroughly applying for blockchain was helped many industries in the future. A variety of young projects was born to aim at many limitations in each industry. Whether or not it succeeds is evidence of the continued development of different decentralized applications.

What is Redbox DApp?

A decentralized Fintech project that creates a decentralized fund solution to create a strong financial community together.
With DApp technology, any member is equally equal in terms of rights and responsibilities for the RED BOX community.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, depending on your contribution to the red box community, you receive the value that the community will bring to you.
As a financial project developed on the Dapp platform – it is a new way to open the potential for investors. An upgraded version from the original projects honed the Red Box into a bright and opportunistic gem.

The development of Redbox Dapp in the ETH technology platform.

REDBOX DApp is developed by the contributions of many smart contract engineers specializing in multinational and headquarters and license in the United Kingdom.
For DApp, the main decision depends on the community and create value together, but REDBOX still needs genius brains to create strong surrounding ecosystems, so legal is also necessary. REDBOX still needs to be able to recruit top global talent to create a strong community in the future.

Community development

In each country, there will be representatives and support channels:

  • Chinese community
  • Korean community
  • Russian community
  • Thai community
  • Spanish community
  • Arabic community

Will be announced until Redbox Fund reaches level 500.
Besides, Redbox allows technology groups to raise funds from the Redbox open ecosystem development fund and create products for the Redbox community. We accept all ideas and contributions to create a stronger community.

Redbox DApp technology development

REDBOX follows DApp based on the MetaMask network directly connected to the ETH smart contract.

With public APIs, other ecosystems can connect and develop on the main smart contract created by Redbox DApp.

With the decentralized Redbox DApp technology, everyone can actively take full advantage of their potential and capabilities as well as control their own privacy.

REDBOX applies Smart contacts to please Smart contracts to create operational systems and ERC20 to create RBD tokens.

The created REDBOX TOKEN is considered the main payment currency for the ecosystems around REDBOX CONTRACT.