EBP Token

There is no doubt that Blockchain had became is a type of technology known by many people in all industries, especially finance in this industrial revolution 4.0. And it is also a very hot topic globally today with digital money it is becoming the focus of a lot of controversy. There are many controversial views about Blockchain or what is Blockchain?

Blockchain originally named ledger is a decentralized database that stores information encrypted together and scalable over time.

So where is the foundation of blockchain technology?

These information blocks operate independently, and they can expand over time. And the special thing is that they are managed by the participants in the system, not through any intermediaries.

This means that a block of information, when written to the Blockchain storage system, cannot be changed. Additions can only be made when consensus of all network participants is reached. It is a peer-to-peer system that eliminates all intermediaries, increases security, transparency, and stability as well as minimizes costs and human error.

And the block of information that we mention here is the exchanges and transactions that happen in real life.

Blockchain technology will open up trends and potential applications for many popular areas in life such as finance, banking, retail, transportation, commodity manufacturing, telecommunications, real estate, logistics, payment, …

Because Technology 4.0 is increasingly being applied widely, many concepts of technology have been born since then, include ERC 20 technology – a technology that creates countless coins that are currently popular around the world. Following the quintessence of this ERC20 technology, the EPB Token was born. It has in itself the quintessence and a great mission to reach higher and higher.

What is the ERC 20 technology that creates EBP Token?

ERC20 is an official protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum (ETH) network. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment and 20 is the suggested identifier. This is the general standard for creating tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This token standard defines one rule set applies to all ERC20 tokens allowing them to interact seamlessly with each other. Wallets and exchanges use the standard to integrate various ERC20 tokens into their platform and facilitate exchange between ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to that, the EPB token was born and is currently being used in the EggsBook. EggsBook POP Game is built on POP (Proof of Play) protocol – this protocol’s algorithm allows users create and then validate new blocks. This way, during user playing game, they also share processing resources on their device.

Advantages of EBP Token

  • EBP is not affected by intermediaries. This means that all decentralized and orbital applications deployed ERC20 are not limited to the number of EBP owned.
  • EBP transactions are very fast because it uses the POP protocol.
  • EBP transaction fees are calculated based on volume, bandwidth, storage. Bitcoin’s fees, on the other hand, are counted as direct competition with each other for access to the block.
  • Many large and well-known investors support and trust EBP Token
  • The EBP community is growing across Asia.
  • The minigames in EggsBook currently use EBP coins to trade, trade, and buy items.
  •  Exchanges and transfers are not controlled by intermidiates.
  • The entire platform is decentralized. Decentralization and cryptographic security make EBP tokens against fraudulent activities.

The development of technology in general and Blockchain in particular has created a promising EBP Token that will be a strong wave entering the world exchange market.

Hopefully, with this article, you will have more information about EBP Token as well as its great advantages.