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Bitcoin price fluctuated badly in the market recently and showed no signs of recovery and significantly affected investors’ plans. While the big cheese may have plans and ample capital to get through this crisis period, small and average investors are almost having a hard time deciding whether to stay or withdraw from the crypto industry. Their difficulties come not only from the depleted capital but also from the direction of investment in the period when the economy has not recovered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In another aspect, instead of relying on Bitcoin or ETH, many small and average investors are gradually turning to profit from other emerging forms in the market. Investing in Animal Coins is also an example. Others are looking for reliable technology projects with the potential for quick profits. That’s when Techblock and Tech Token started getting more attention than ever.

What is TechBlock?

TechBlock is considered as one of the most outstanding technology platform providers in the world with certain achievements in applying Blockchain technology to products and fields that bring transparency, safety, publicity ,and confidentiality for users.

After nearly 3 years of investing in technology research and establishing a team, the company suddenly has strong activities again in the Crypto market. TechBlock announced that it will conduct fundraising for the next stages of development through the ICO form of Tech Token coin this fall. Since the information was officially confirmed, TechBlock has attracted a lot of attention from investors around the world. Many experts believe that this can be a lifeline for small and average investors during this period.

About Techblock
About Techblock project

Experts highly appreciate the future development potential of Techblock project.

It is no coincidence that experts have faith in TechBlock. And clearly, the achievements from the previous 3 years are not enough to earn the future credibility of experts in a difficult market like Crypto. The technology platform that TechBlock owns is the key that will lead Techblock to success.

Defi app shows no signs of cooling down yet

TechBlock enters the decentralized financial market through the application of Defi technology. Therefore, it can be said that the project takes advantage of all advantages and inherits the properties of Blockchain such as: Decentralization, Distributed, Transparency, …

Since DeFi is an open system, it can be easily accessed by any investor with a device connected to the Internet. At the same time, Defi also offers high interoperability through building the main block and creating a scalable ecosystem that becomes diverse over time.

TechBlock has studied the market needs carefully before choosing Defi. Investors attach great importance to privacy. Therefore, instead of using CeFi to provide personal data, DeFi dapps restrict third parties (banks or institutions) for users to really trust because they are the custodians of their own assets.

The technology of Tech Token

Right in the middle of the storm of ERC-20 and TRC-20, TechBlock chose a different direction when issuing Tech Token with Smart contract BEP-20.

BEP20 is a standard of tokens running on Binance Smart Chain BSC. You can think of it as a standard for tokens. It defines how they are used, who can use them, and other rules for using them.

BEP20 is similar to the ERC20 standard of tokens running on the Ethereum platform, or TRC-20 of the TRON network. However, BEP20 is much more expanded and upgraded.

Techblock technology platform

What value will NFT create?

One thing that makes experts wait and expect at TechBlock is the information about the completion of NFT-related platforms and allowing users to create their own unique NFT in 2023 in the development roadmap of the company. At the same time, in Techblock’s development plan, they will soon launch game ecosystems around TechBlock such as BoxEdit, Marketbox, Gamebox, … making experts predict a Blockchain game with the same title, Like Krypto Kitties before it, will soon be launched and dominate the market. Because using NFT can solve or reduce the common inflation problem that many Blockchain games have.

At the same time, NFT is Techblock-encrypted real-world assets. NFTs can represent fractions of real-world assets, which are then stored and traded as tokens on the blockchain. This can increase the liquidity needed for many underserved markets. Through the application of NFT, the easy transfer of these assets can reduce trade friction in the global economy.

Future profit potential from TechBlock for investors.

In addition to technology-biased assessments from leading industry experts, experienced investors can also easily assess Techblock’s potential through the profits that the project brings in a short time.

Value growth from Tech Token

First, Tech Token will soon be officially ITO in mid-July this year with a limit of 120,000,000 Tokens. The announced starting price will be $0.036. However, with a tight ITO schedule and only a short time of fewer than 2 months, the value of the Token is expected to reach $0.104. This means, just seize the opportunity at the right time, investors can multiply their assets by 2.5 times by participating in ITO tech Token.

Farming mechanism brings double profit.

Now and in the not too distant future, we can’t deny that Farming keeps the market hotter than ever, and especially is helping cash flow back into the crypto market for the sole reason, its profit is unimaginable.

Therefore, after completing the ITO tech token process, TechBlock will officially launch the Farming platform to increase profits through the Farm TECH mechanism. Investors after owning Tech Token can both invest and profit, and farm as a form of combination to create a constantly growing compound interest stream.

It is predicted that TECH Token will reach the $0.5 milestone by the end of 2021 and investors’ assets will increase by more than 500% after only 2 quarters of owning this Token.

Despite the economy being in a state of freezing, the cryptocurrency market is still hot with the fighting power of projects that are constantly turning. With the careful investment in technology and the potential for profits to bring to investors, will TechBlock float to bring investors through difficult times and to success? No one can say for sure, but see what TechBlock is still doing every day and choose whether you give up or join TechBlock to build a new era for the Crypto industry.

Since embarking on research and development of the project in early 2020, the developers of TechBlock have outlined a plan to make it the most prestigious project in the world. Currently, with a talented team and a sustainable path, TechBlock has also achieved certain achievements. However, with the fast growth rate and the expanding market size day by day, TechBlock needs partners to continue to realize its hegemony goal. Therefore, the development team from TechBlock is always looking for new and potential partners to develop the technology platform as well as develop new markets at the present time and in the future.

The fair cooperation on the criteria of developing together and bringing benefits to the community will surely soon make TechBlock a leader in the Blockchain technology market.

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