On the market, there are many pearl products, diverse with all types. How to own the pearl true to its real value is quite difficult for most consumers. However, according to pearl experts, you only need to know the following tips to become a “discerning” customer of pearls.

Standards for evaluating pearl


Luster is an essential factor in evaluating the quality of the pearl, through the level of light reflection on the surface of each pearl. A term used to refer to the shine is pearl water. Pearl water determines the quality of the nacre layer. The thicker the nacre layer, the higher the pearl will shine. It influenced by three factors culture environment, culture time and cultured pearl seeds.


We can temporarily divide the colors of pearls into two groups:

– The light color group with white, cream white, rose white, lemon yellow, gold.

– Group of dark colors with light black, lead black, gray.

The choice of color depends on personal preference, and it does not reflect the nature of the pearl. The color governs by three central elements:

– Oyster pearl: the nacre color can recognize from the inside of the shell. It is three main pearl oysters called by trade names: Tahiti, Maxima, and Akoya.

– Some trace elements in the pearl water environment. For example, the marine environment in Tahiti may produce a characteristic color that can make pearls have dark tones.

– Embryo transplantation techniques also influence the natural color.

However, due to the characteristics of some clams in special waters or due to mutations in color can produce strange, rare tones, the value of pearls can vary quite high for these colors.


The shape of the oyster pearls plays an essential role in determining its value. It can divide into central groups: round, oval, drop-shaped, deformed.

Since ancient times, the standard of a pearl is its flawless round.

But under the creativity of artisans, the irregularly shaped gems sometimes create unique jewelry.


The surface of the pearl is also a feature that helps to validate. Just a few small flaws on the surface will reduce their overall value and beauty. The perfection on the pearl surface depends on three factors:

– The technology of pearl implant technology.

– Climate and rearing environment conditions. A pearl raise in an environment with lots of parasites or an unstable climate usually has a lower percentage of perfect jade.

– Techniques to take care of raising pearls.


The size measure in diameter in mm, the pearl will be priced primarily based on the criteria. For some pearls, a few millimeters can also lead to large differences in value from 100% to 200%.

Jade size depends mainly on 3 factors:

– Size of species: the Maxima pearl produces larger pearls due to the large size advantage of this mussel.

– Pearl implant technology:  skilled technicians always implants bigger than the other technicians.

– Time to cultivate pearls: The longer the farming period, the bigger the pearl will produce. However, ability is also proportional to the amount of pearl deformed in the shape or increase in blemishes on the surface.

Nacre quality

The thickness of the pearl is the nacre that covers the nucleus implanted inside the pearl. The thicker the nacre layer, the higher the value will be. In the French island nation of Tahiti, the thickness of the pearl layer is very strict, a pearl eligible for export must reach a minimum depth of 0.8 mm.

Thickness depends on four main factors:

– Time to cultivate the pearl as well as the size of the nucleus contained inside the pearl.

– Health condition of pearls.

– The density of microalgae is a food of mussels in the culture environment.

– Care regime during rearing.

Application of pearls


With a nearly flawless appearance, pearls and pearl jewels enhance the beauty and elegance of a woman.

Each pearl can emit a different magical light. When appearing under angles, thanks to the ability to reflect and refract part of the light on the surface. So pearl also helps women have an elegant and seductive look.


The main components are calcium, protein, micronutrients and many other amino acids containing high nutritional content. So pearl extract medicine can help reduce stress, eye strain, make eyes brighter, treat osteoarthritis diseases, help wounds heal faster.

A lot of people tempered a temper by sequelae after a concussion. After a period of wearing a pearl necklace can also ease the condition.

Pearl necklaces or pearl jewelry also have a sedative effect. For cases of heart disease, after using pearl jewelry for a while, you will see your heartbeat become better.

Feng shui mascot

According to the concept of feng shui, the cylinder is the convergence of four of the five elements. That means your destiny will be prosperous, your ancestors will be happy, your family will be healthy and your parents will live longevity. Children enjoy the gospel more, are always lucky, their careers open, spouses, brothers, and sisters get along, their children are healthy and intelligent.

Pearls suit every destiny, reflecting the beautiful sunlight. When people use pearl jewelry will always feel confident, full of vitality, eliminate bad luck, and success in their careers.

The value of 1 pearl

At present, It is no specific price for gemstone in the market for a natural pearl. This price depends on the age, the color, and the size. So you can refer the cost of typical pearls below:

South Sea Pearl

South Sea pearls come in a variety of colors, which the most expensive are yellow. Usually large, these gemstones are all-natural, produced by oysters Pincada maxima.

South Sea pearls are considered to be the most valuable. They are also the largest pearl on the market. A South Sea pearl chain can range from $ 1,000 to more than $ 100,000. White South Sea pearls are cultured. The biggest gem in the culture market is Golden South Sea pearls. They are both rare and valuable.

Tahitian Pearl

Tahiti pearls are very special pearls with dark colors. Depending on the size and quality, a Tahiti pearl necklace can cost anywhere from $ 500 to more than $ 25,000. The gorgeous Tahitian pearls have a lot of elements and sizes. It like possess the most beautiful pearl colors.

Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearls are white pearls and classic. They are the original pearls ever cultured and are smaller than other pearls. A chain of Akoya pearls can cost from $ 300 to more than $ 10,000. Generally, this is the smallest cultured pearl on the market. It is the first type of pearl culture in pearl farms.

Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The round freshwater pearl looks almost identical to Akoya pearls but is less expensive, with a chain from $ 50 to $ 2,000. They are versatile gems grown in freshwater, as opposed to seawater or saltwater.

When properly cared for, pearl can hold its value for life. The higher the quality, the stronger the pearl. It means that when you buy pearls, you have invested in pearl jewelry. It can become an antique that you will pass on to the next chapter.

Start with simple items, then look for more expensive pearl jewelry, such as pearl pieces, pearl cocktail rings, and pearl necklaces. It is a lifetime investment that you will get.