“Addiction to online games” – an extremely sensitive phase for parents. But it is a fact that in 2020, many modern parents are still giving their children “addicted” to a completely new online educational game and affirm that this is an extremely correct teaching method. This has created a flow of “debate” about online games among parents.

What reasons make “addict” to online games by children? 


Game addiction in children is increasing rapidly, but part of the cause is in the parents. Due to the limited time fund and generation difference, parents and children do not have time to listen and understand each other. So, parents often find it difficult to manage their children skillfully and closely.

The kids addicted to games go through a long process of approaching and playing games. Most of them are at the age of 12 years or older, an extremely important age to orient their child’s development.

This age often chooses online violence or fighting games. Therefore, the children who play this game often have difficulty controlling, integrating, and lead to “addiction”, making the child’s orientation wrong.

Online educational game – Eggsbook 

When the problem of “online game addiction” is still hot and there is no solution yet. But still there are parents ready to let their children be “addicted” to this game.

Eggsbook – The best online educational game 

Eggsbook – Educational game about investment, financial management is expected in 2020. 

With simple and lively gameplay, players can start petting fish to lay eggs, exchanging eggs or fishes to another player. Then, expand your ecosystem for people to increase EBP token ownership – one of currency buying/selling or exchanging all items in game. 

Even parents and children when participating in the game must plan a strategy to maintain and develop fish farming in the best way. This is an investment, financial planning problem that both parents and children must apply all knowledge to achieve goals and profits. Eggsbook will help parents and children have time in this work and connect everyone together. Your child will learn useful knowledge and apply directly to financial self-management right when he was a child.

Eggsbook’s Trend – new generation online educational game or? 

Eggsbook – The best online educational game

There have been many parents allowing their children to register and start a start-up with a small amount of money and let pet his aquarium by himself. They are ready to let children “addict” to this game after school time. 

In the future, even the kids can make money playing video games, they will justify the perfect evidence:

“Mom, Eggsbook, I don’t have to study anymore, I can make a lot of money playing games all day.”

But that is completely true with Eggsbook.

What would you do in this situation? Is Eggsbook good? And can we expect a generation of young people just playing games to make money?

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