Do you know? In addition to Coinmarketcap, there is a website/app that allows users to track prices and fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market quickly and conveniently. That is CoinGecko.

Recently, Red Box Dapp CEO – Mr. Robert Evans confirmed that the RBD token has officially appeared on the CoinGecko rating tool.

Mr. Evans said:

“This cooperation will help investors who already own RBD tokens easily track and evaluate the overall market. At the same time, it stimulates the potential for appreciation of RBD tokens and is the foundation to prepare new steps in the future ”.


Launched in 2014, CoinGecko has instantly become one of the earliest and largest data aggregation tools in the industry. In essence, you can use CoinGecko similar to Coinmarketcap. But in this tool, they add more advanced features than conventional measurement tools. As of October 2019, CoinGecko is currently tracking more than 5900 cryptocurrencies and more than 392 exchanges. Meanwhile, Coinmarketcap only statistics about 1981 coins and tokens at the same time.

CoinGecko is built on comprehensive access technology to keep track of tokens/coins and a list of exchanges at all times to provide accurate data for investors. Some coins or exchanges on CoinmarketCap cannot be found, but on CoinGecko always provide more complete information.

By August 2019, CoinGecko’s monthly visits more than 12 million, ranking the second among coin tracking websites. Not simply a measurement tool, Coingecko is gradually proving its superiority through analytical data, cryptocurrency assessments that help investors have an overview of the market and give out. the right decisions.

Like other tools, CoinGecko still has the basic tools for people to follow and evaluate indicators visually.

With a simple interface, easy to use, so even if you are a trader new to this market can still easily understand and track the data.

CoinGecko provides complete information and updates to the Trust Score scoring system for exchanges to prevent Fake Volume status. It’s handy, isn’t it?

In addition, tools such as API and Widgets are still provided completely and totally free for users. CoinGecko does a great job of creating a trust for users when it publishes general or in-depth reports about the market regularly. CoinGecko also supports multiple languages ​​with 21 languages ​​for all users.


CoinGecko is the bridge between investors and projects. This cooperation will enable more than 5000 investors holding RBD tokens to use analytical data such as the highest price point, social information channels, RBD token algorithm,…to make judgments in the future.

This information will be tracked, updated continuously, and accurate exactly by CoinGecko. This is the best advantage of CoinGecko that investors cannot ignore.

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is always a difficult choice. Because long-term investors still have a hard time distinguishing between real and scam projects.

But the figures on CoinGecko cannot lie. Information such as developers, coin prices, algorithms, development events will be updated daily by CoinGecko and guaranteed 100% accuracy. Investors can totally trust and use these figures.

Instead of just tracking and measuring coins and tokens by market limitation or trading by transaction volume, CoinGecko also keeps track of the main elements of RBD tokens such as project code process and open source development, community development and other events affect its value. By evaluating all the factors including Twitter followers, Facebook likes, subscribers, new posts, and comments, RBD token metrics on CoinGecko will gain an overview and the most accurate evaluation.


The evaluation of the list on CoinGecko is a praiseworthy sign of the RBD token. Using data on CoinGecko will help investors can assess the market picture clearly and make accurate choices as well as forecast the market trend. Currently, RBD token is a payment token for many ecosystems such as forex/coin trading platforms such as Red Box Trade, IC Trade, Ibet port, … and is on the strong development momentum. And the event evaluated on CoinGecko is a great opportunity to introduce RBD tokens to investors. Surely this event will be the foundation for the leap of RBD token price in the future.