Since its official launched in the fourth quarter of 2019, REDBOX DAPP has been constantly developing and expanding its ecosystems as well as the project’s own currency – RBD Token.

Investors in the financial sector have so far claimed that RBD Token is a mystery of the Crypto market, and none of them can confidently grasp the next steps of this currency.

RBD Token

In 2019, REDBOX INC LIMITED was established in the UK as a group operating in the field of finance. In addition to creating a thriving financial community based on the latest technology platforms such as Blockchain, Dapp, and Smart Contract, REDBOX DAPP also creates its own cryptocurrency called RBD Token.

RBD Token

RBD Token is built on the theory of Ethereum’s ERC-20 algorithm. Therefore, it can be said that RBD Token is a sustainable token, Bring all the advantages of the best quality tokens today.

RBD Token has a thriving community in the back

Since being launched, more than 100 million RBD Tokens have been brought to investors through the ITO phase in just 3 months.

RBD Token has a thriving community in the back include investors always trust and accompany.

According to the latest statistics from the project, RBD Token is owned by more than 3078 investors form the community in many great countries. RBD Token especially receives many reputations and trust from the community in countries such as England, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and especially Russia.

As a token to be born later, RBD token can attract the attention and trust of the cryptocurrency investment community only in a short time is not a simple thing. What investors are interested in RBD Token is not just because it has a solid platform of technology, or a talented development staff and the main company is clearly transparent. More than anyone else, investors see what RBD Token values ​​can bring to them at present and in the future. In other words, although it is unknown how far the REDBOX DAPP can take the RBD Token, it is giving them a rich, stable, and secure income at present.

Although this year, most of the cryptocurrencies are facing volatility due to the impact of the Bitcoin halving event in May, the price of RBD Token still seems to have achieved a stable growth.

At the moment, the value of RBD has reached $ 0.08, an increase of nearly 160% compared to the original price and there is no sign of stopping. This growth brings investors an amount of profit up to 158% and attracts more and more investors participating in the RBD community.

Continually developing new ecosystems

The international financial community has always known REDBOX DAPP as the first project in the world that can launch two consecutive ecosystems right in the ITO period. While the REDBOX DAPP’s IBET GATE Gateway ecosystem was born to attract the attention of the gaming community, the REDBOX TRADE ecosystem won more favor from the community of traders. However, whether it is IBET gate or REDBOX TRADE, RBD Token is also the key for investors to participate. Therefore, right from the first days of launching, RBD tokens have been sought by investors and helped them earn the first profits.


REDBOX started 2020 with a series of notable events. First, RBD Token is listed on TAGZ, the most popular exchange in Australia. This information created an extremely hot craze among cryptocurrency investors at the time. That made many investors eager to own RBD tokens from the TAGZ platform, the price of RBD tokens increased to 108.9% after only 2 months of official trading.

The heat from TAGZ has not subsided, RDB Token has once again become the name repeated in the newspaper about cryptocurrencies as it continues to claim to be a partner of  Coinsbit exchange – top 5 largest exchanges according to Coinmarketcap rankings. At the same time, the RBD token has become the official trading currency on the Binary Option exchange, IC Trade.

IC TRADE exchange

While REDBOX is pushing its currency to a new position in the crypto market quickly making many investors excited to participate, a part of other investors has skeptical thought about the last step of the project. However, those thoughts were almost completely suppressed with the born of a new cryptocurrency project in Russia.

After researching the development potential of RBD Token, a group of Russian Smart contract experts decided to ask and become a strategic partner of REDBOX DAPP to create a new project called REDBOX POC.

REDBOX POC has acquired 50 million Token to develop its project and attract a community of investors who own this currency. Not only promote the demand for RBD Token ownership, but this project also brings to everyone who owns them the opportunity to increase profits significantly and safely.

“We have never set a limitation for ourselves. What REDBOX DAPP and RBD Token do at the moment is just the beginning. We will not say in advance what will happen in the future, you know, the future is something uncertain, and the words are sometimes less meaningful than what we do. Take a look at REDBOX DAPP for the time being and accompany us in the future “ – Robert Evan – CEO REDBOX DAPP.