The attention of the cryptocurrency community is directed to the Red Box Dapp, a cryptocurrency project known by many coin investors in the world, specifically, its RBD token. Although it has only been launched for a few months, Red Box Dapp still affirms its ability to develop strongly with steady steps.

According to the latest news from Coinsbit, one of the top 5 exchanges on Coinmarketcap, announcing that RBD token has officially listed on Coinsbit and investors have been able to trade on the platform since September 9th April 2020.


Red Box Dapp is a project launched to create a strong and transparent financial community, focusing on the highly profitable ecosystem with the advanced information security thanks to the application of Blockchain technology.

Up to now, Red Box Dapp has launched and developed many ecosystems around the project which attract many investors who are interested in it.

Red Box Ibet port for investors to access and participate in intellectual betting games.

Red Box Trade ecosystem – a modern trading platform is the trend of professional traders.

Step by step, Red Box Dapp announced that RBD token was listed on TAGZ – the largest exchange in Australia. This information has created an extremely hot event in the cryptocurrency community.  Which made many investors aspire to own RBD tokens leading to the price of RBD tokens rise to 108.9% after only 2 months of official trading.

RBD Token’s exchange rate on TAGZ


Recently, Coinsbit, which is one of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges rated by Coinmarketcap, officially announcing to its traders that it will officially list RBD token. There is a total trading volume which is up to 3 billion dollars per day, Coinsbit is one of the exchanges that many investors choose to trade. Being listed on a big exchange like Coinsbit will certainly bring more opportunities and trading possibilities. This leads to the price of RBD tokens will also increase sharply. Investors in the cryptocurrency sector have also seen the potential of RBD tokens in the future. Therefore, it was a short time since the announcement, the number of RBD token holders has increased sharply compared to the previous time and the price of RBD tokens has risen to $1.1 (more than 20 times the price on TAGZ in at the same time and approximately 21.8 times higher than the first time it was released). This is a good sign for both the Red Box Dapp team and the community that owns the RBD token at this time.

RBD Token’s exchange rate on Coinsbit

According to the feedback of Red Box investors, they are all very satisfied with the experience that the Red Box ecosystem brings and the steadily increasing price of RBD tokens. This proves that the project is still on a stable development, although both markets and projects are in severely fluctuated from the COVID -19 epidemic.

The reason why Red Box Dapp is so stable and continues to grow strongly despite the influence of the market is due to the talent and foresight of the Red Box Dapp management team. The proof of this is the effort to list RBD tokens on Coinsbit during the unstable market, helping RBD tokens to escape the prolonged downtrend affecting like almost other cryptocurrencies. As a result of this decision, the price of RBD tokens and the name of Red Box Dapp have risen among thousands of cryptocurrency projects on the market.

Compared to other projects, Red Box Dapp is still doing better than the ability that investors bring. And one of the owners of RBD tokens, Mr. Clarke Michael commented:

“I never thought Red Box Dapp could do this well. More than expected, even being listed on TAGZ and then Coinsbit gave me a great amount of money from investing RBD tokens. Right now, I cannot predict what the Red Box Dapp will continue to do in the future because they always do things that exceed our expectations.” 


According to information published by the CEO of Red Box Dapp, 2020 will be a year of success. And they will not stop here. In the future, Red Box will certainly have extremely great expectations to continue the journey of creating their financial community globally.

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