EBP Token

Continuing the success of the EggsBook game ecosystem with more than 1 million players worldwide with the approval of CEO of DAPPS TECHNOLOGIES LTD – Mr. George Thompson. The EggsBook team held a press release session for the purpose of notification that the EBP Token will be launched this year at 14:00 on… April 2021 at Wren Court New Road, Langley, Slough, England, SL3 8JL.

Attending the press release session had more than 100 guests including game content creators, Blockchain technology experts, gamers with knowledge of Blockchain games … and more than 10,000 EggsBook gaming communities in England.

The content of the press release session will focus on the following issues:

  •  Introduce EBP Token and launch time.
  • Comments on the cryptocurrency market and potential of EBP Token in the future.
  • Orientation for players to develop profits with EBP Token.
  • Listen to share from special EggsBook guests.
  • The CEO answered questions from the press and ended the press release.

During the press release session, CMO – Mr. Charlie Wilson shared the basic information “EBP Token was the coin used in the game EggsBook platform when it was officially launched in April 2021. And EBP will be officially listed on the Yobit exchange in the future” and he also confidently emphasized that “This is the difference that no other cryptocurrency can do when it first launches to owners.” Contribution to the success of the press release was not to mention the presence and sharing of the guests with experience of Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency market. The famous expert on the cryptocurrency market has assessed that “The EBP Token after launch will be very scarce because it will be burned immediately after the egg is activated when participating in the game EggsBook. This makes EBP Token scarce and rapidly increasing in value”

At the end of the press release, CEO – Mr. George Thompson spoke and ended the meeting “EBP Token will be an important factor to help EggsBook ecosystem closer and closer to players around the world and affirmed its position in the game industry combined with Blockchain technology with a consistent orientation to “Developing Blockchain games to change people’s lives around the world” and lastly, thank you to all of the guests, experts and over 10,000 EggsBook gaming communities present at today’s press release.”

With careful investment and preparation in both form and content, the whole team of DAPPS TECHNOLOGIES LTD hopes to bring the EggsBook gaming community to a gaming platform that develops reputable profits and great experiences with EBP Token.