Everything happened so fast in the 4.0 era that made us seem less patient, even in the financial field transactions. This creates certain difficulties that lead to the failure of many investors today. Through many improvements and selections, Premium Profit was born as a bright star in countless financial management solutions that are fiercely competitive in the market. 

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What is Premium Profit?

Premium Profit is a trading account management service for investors in international binary trading platforms following the Simplex model which was launched by B.O.I TRADING COMPANY LIMITED in 2020.

What investors get when investing in Premium Profit?

Forex trading is the pioneer in the financial trade revolution, but it contains many problems that challenge investors with a failure rate of up to 95%. Understanding the factors leading to failure as well as capturing the psychology of traders, especially, amateur investors, BOI Trading Company launched the Premium Profit trading account management service, which can handle issues such as: 

  • No need to worry about market risks
  • Not take much time 
  • No effort in managing your account 
  • There is time for other investment projects  

The solid foundation of Premium Profit

BOI Trading Company used to bring millions of dollars profit to thousands of individual investors in Forex trading. They have consulted and analyzed foreign exchange transactions for banks, businesses with the form of Copy Trade and Robot AI for 20 years. Now assert itself more with the Premium Profit project launched on May 15, 2020. It is created according to the model: Customers give trading accounts to expert trade teams and pay a fixed monthly fee.

The project is a new step by allowing investors to be fully active in depositing, withdrawing, and monitoring directly all transactions through the Binary Simplex platform.

Binary Simplex is the fairest and optimal trading platform available today. Not only is the liquidity extremely high, but Simplex also can minimize the risk of technical analysis errors. Why Simplex can do it? In Simplex platform, investors will trade on broken time frames, any errors will be detected and handled promptly before affecting the next transaction. Besides, Premium profit is a skillful combination of accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI) on a Simplex platform and flexible manual manipulation of a team of experienced professionals of Premium Profit. The group of experts is recruited, trained, and continually screened to ensure the people who remain are the top experts to ensure profitability for customers, 24/7 support anytime, anywhere, and multilingual. This means that the technology that BOI is applying is superior to Copy Trade in that they will take care of your investment assets as their assets. Therefore, whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you have experience financially or not, it is still possible to invest and trade easily.

Currently, the team of Trading Professionals of Premium Profit is constantly expanding and covering the world. It is expected that when being launched, it will make investors’ confidence stronger and more durable. 

Attractive Policy 

With Premium Profit, you can receive commissions of up to 8 levels ranging from 1% to 32% and a very low management fee compared to the market. You just need to pay from 8% -10% of the total amount you invest and then quickly create an 8-member system, you can reclaim 100% of the monthly management fee within 10 months. That is not including the profits generated. The rate of invested capital will be inversely proportional to the management fee but proportional to the rate of return of profits, so you certainly can reach from 15% – 30% / month.


Compared to many projects that have been launched before, Premium Profit has proven its ability in many aspects. With great potential partners such as Exness Group, Just2trade, AAFX Trading, and its continuous improvement, the project promises to be the most effective wise solution for investors in the race to get rich.

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