Pearl has long been considered as one of the “rare treasures” that kings usually use. The meticulous in the process of finding a natural pearl and pearl manufacturing is one of the main reasons why pearls are always a very expensive item. And today, when the pearl is the elite favored by the simplicity, purity, elegance and noble.

Pearl-a precious product of the creator

Potential of artificial pearl industry

Artificial pearls are the form of stimulating the reaction of nacre secret through the act of transplanting a manipulated nucleus into the desired shape into the male body by special methods.

After completing the transplanting step, the jewel formed will have the desired shape with the nucleus implanted into the mussel body

Artificial Pearls are mostly circular shapes with high commercial value

SOUTHEAST ASIA is an area with many development conditions for the industry:

• Large water surface area

• Low research and development costs

• Highly skilled workers in aquaculture alone

According to statistics from 1988 up to now, Western countries, especially the US, import more than 300 million USD each year in the Pearl industry.

Special value from Pearl

Pearly products are popular

Aristocratic, luxurious, subtle aristocratic are the words that connoisseurs still use to praise pearls and artifacts from it. However, few people know that, Besides honoring the outer beauty of the wearer, pearls also contain many other “miraculous” uses.

• Cosmetics: Pearls are used to beautify from the outside and the inside. It works to whiten the skin, revitalize the skin, promote new cell production and slow down the aging process.

• Jewelry: Pearl powder is often used to create earrings, rings, necklaces and chains with high commercial value. The jewel jewels are known as treasures of the ocean, the woman not only attracts with luxurious beauty and nobility but also exudes a classy manner, confidence and stands out from the crowd.

• Medicine: according to some documents, Pearl Powder can treat dementia, insomnia, asthma, jaundice, etc.. Besides pearls also have a calming effect.

• Spiritual value: Pearl becomes valuable because it is a symbol of enduring beauty, lucky, and blessing, as well as bringing positive energy to the owner.

BlueSea’s development in artificial pearl’s industry

BlueSea is a leader in investing in building a model to raise pearls with Blockchain technology.

BlueSea has been building and upgrading it in the process to be able to optimize the amount of artificial pearls created.

• A pearl oyster is dropped into the lake, a rate of 50% will be formed. Every 3 to 6 months the culture system will be developed by new stocking.

• After the 24-month cycle of the first stocking, after 3 to 6 months there will be a second harvest. On average, a mussel will produce pearls after 24 months.

Nowadays, BlueSea has used Blockchain Technology – one of the most advanced management technologies today. This is a solution to solve Pearl’s verification issues and track Pearl right from production to distribution. It will be the right way to optimize the source of artificial pearls to the market as well as to ensure the best quality.

Blockchain technology will be applied in most states such as managing input and output prices of products; seed quality, pearl quality, quality of cultured pearls, commercial pearls, as well as the quality of jewelry advertising and marketing, market searching affirming the brand.

BlueSea is a potential future project. Don’t miss the chance and get ready to join the project. A good chance won’t be easy twice!

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