white dragon mysterious

As information technology develops, cryptocurrencies appear one after another. Recently, cryptocurrency has emerged as a new “trend”, from which appeared coins named after animals, food… White Dragon coin is the same, carrying many unknowns, many porcelains. That’s why WDG has been welcomed by the community since its debut. Read the article below to answer your questions!!!

The importance of wildlife

  • On the earth there are many types of creatures living and developing together. They have a connection with each other, each organism is a link to many other types of living things. If one type of organism is lost, a new species will appear that can harm everyone, so biodiversity conservation is a very important issue. In particular, the protection of rare animal species is also a factor that helps maintain biodiversity. Komodo dragons are especially threatened by the unconscious behavior of humans.
  • Therefore, White Dragon was born with the purpose of raising funds to protect artworks in general and Komodo dragons in particular.

What is the White Dragon (WDG) coin?

  • WDG is a token built on a decentralized platform, scheduled to launch in June 2021, based in the UK to create a decentralized trading network operating on the Ethereum Blockchain (BEP-20).
  • WDG token is a non-fungible token on the White Dragon platform.

The purpose of the formation and development of the White Dragon coin.

  • From time immemorial, people believe that “dragon” is a mascot that brings good luck and helps “rain and wind”. Therefore, paintings of dragons are also an appropriate choice for painting enthusiasts. But now, the value of dragon paintings is decreasing, losing the sacred and noble beauty of art.
  • Therefore, the White Dragon coin was born with the mission of protecting works of art, especially works of dragons. Dragon paintings will be supported to bring out its true value. Especially Komodo dragons are threatened by humans

White Dragon’s Roadmap

  • Quarter 1 – 2020: researching technology, completing project management personnel
  • Quarter 2 – 2020: ITO model research and development orientation
  • Quarter 3 – 2020: perfecting technology and policies
  • Quarter 4 – 2020: project announcement and fundraising development
  • Quarter 1 – 2021: officially selling ITO
  • Quarter 2 – 2021: fund expansion, NFT market research
  • Quarter 3 – 2021 : launch NFTWDRAGON
  • Quarter 4 – 2021: cooperate with commerce platforms to help users use WDG for shopping


The above article has provided you with basic information about White Dragon. The market of virtual currency, digital currency, cryptocurrency is more and more attractive, attracting more and more investors because of its long history, because of the impressive way of swinging the ‘trend’. Although launched later, I believe that WDG coin will quickly conquer investors thanks to its advantages and distinction.

Thank you for reading the article, see you in another article!!!