At present, Trustinvestment is one of the best projects that was appreciated by investors. With a diverse ecosystem, high-tech platform, good security and the dedication and enthusiasm of the development team, Trustinvestment is increasingly improving the investment ecosystem. Trustinvestment has Trustexc exchange, Trustwallet – Smart Wallet, Trustcoin and the 4th ecosystem just launched – Trustbox.

Now let’s find out in detail about this 4th ecosystem of Trustinvestment. 

1.    About Trustbox

Trustcoin uses a mining algorithm called Ouroboros or Proof-Of-Stake (POS) algorithm. This coin was created by a strong development team for the 3rd Blockchain generation. With POS, the creator of a new block is chosen in a deterministic way, depending on its wealth, also defined as Stake. It means, the more Trustcoin investors own, the more times their assets increase. However, each investor can only own a limited amount of Trustcoins. So that a chance of increasing assets is different.

Trustcoin uses a mining algorithm called Ouroboros or Proof-Of-Stake (POS) algorithm

Trustcoinbox was born and this ecosystem will be the best Trustcoin storage. It can help you increase the amount of Trust held by you.

With this new ecosystem of Trustbox, investors do not need to wait for Trustcoin to gain interest every day. You just need to deposit in Trustbox, the interest will automatically be paid daily with attractive interest rates up to 12% per month. And after just over 8 months you have received 1.5 times more coins than the original amount.

For example: Initially, you deposited in the Trustbox 1000 Trustcoins with an interest rate of 12% per month, after just over 8 months you will earn about 1500 Trustcoins.

2. Referral policy for affiliate member

In addition, Trustbox also has a very attractive referral policy for affiliate member:

  • F1 gets 5%
  • F2 gets 4%
  • F3 gets 3%
  • F4 gets 2%
  • F5 gets 1%
Referral Commission Of Trustcoinbox

For example, a person sends 1000 Trustcoin to the Trustbox via your referral link, you will have a direct commission for 5 levels:

$5.000 Level F1*5% = $250

$25.000 Level F2*4% = $1.000

$125.000 Level F3*3% = $3.750

$625.000 Level F4*2% = $12.500

$3.125.000 Level F5.*1% = $31.250

Total commission you will gain: $48.750


TOTAL SYSTEM REVENUE IN THE EXAMPLE ABOVE: (3.905*$1.000) * 150% = $5.857.500

Level Reward:


If the total revenue of the members investing in your referral link reaches $200,000, you will be ranked Bronze and receive 5% interest of all members.


If your referral link has 2 F1 reaching Bronze that means each F1 reaches $200,000, you will be ranked Silver and receive 10% interest of all members.


If your referral link has 2 F1 reaching Silver, you will be ranked Gold and get 15% interest of all members.


If you have 2 F1 reaching Gold, you will be ranked Diamond and get 20% interest of all members.

Rating Policy Of Trustcoinbox

3. Trustcoinbox Roadmap

In the next 3 years from 2020 to 2022 Trustinvestment plans to expand the scale, continue to build more than 3 solar farms in Germany, the US and Spain with an estimated capacity of 1,000 MW. They also expand 5 mining factories to increase rapidly not only Bitcoin but other coins in the top 10 Coinmarketcap, because they always believe and appreciate the potential of the cryptocurrency market.

About Trustcoinbox, Trustinvetment has a clear Roadmap too.

In 2019

Quarter 3:

Researching and developing to launch the Trustcoinbox storage ecosystem.

Quarter 4:

Creating a second-generation storage channel of Trustcoinbox that allows more coins can be stored and users can swap on Trustcoinbox.

In 2020

Quarter 1:

Trustcoinbox will associates with different exchanges to FIAT liquidity in many regions around the world.

Quarter 2:

Trustinvestment will launch lending ecosystem when investors store coins on Trustbox – called Trustcoinbox

Quarter 3:

Trustcoinbox will launch the ecosystem of product trading and promotion when storing coins on Trustcoinbox.

Quarter 4:

The super launching event will introduce developers and global Trustcoinbox community members.

The advantages of Trustcoinbox

  • Project help investors optimize their holdings of Trustcoin (for those who intend to keep for a long term)
  • Helping individuals to get involved in lending and borrowing can achieve their goals (this depends on the situation, how bad or good it depends on the market at the time).
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Development roadmap, clear commission policy

With outstanding advantages, an attractive interest rate – Trustbox has been receiving a lot of attention from investors. And if you are holding an amount of Trustcoin in your wallet, why don’t you send it to Trustbox to be increased 1.5 times the amount of coins you have.

Investors can contact us directly or join information channels to update the market and get our best support.