Koi Fish

Beginning in 2021, the outbreak of pandemic Covid19 back and the sudden drop in prices of famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum caused the market to wobble. Many investors gradually lose faith in cryptocurrencies and are afraid to withdraw from the billion-dollar market. However, on the other hand, the need for profitable investments has never decreased. Talented investors are constantly looking for new opportunities to get rich. In the midst of that, KoiFish appeared and was likened to a golden fish aquarium for the Cryptocurrency community.

What is Koifish in the market?

At the end of 2020, KoiFish was first launched to the market as a game in the decentralized game series. Overcoming hundreds of game projects applying POP protocol that were soon removed from the market, after more than 6 months of operation, KoiFish asserted its leading position in the game market by bringing benefits to the community based on this protocol.

KoiFish simulates the farming of KOI fish, a famous and expensive Japanese fish, through which to mine FIT Token and bring profits to players. In other words, currently, KoiFish is the only place for players to create and own FIT tokens and use it to create future value through the diverse ecosystems of KoiFish.

The advantages of Koifish

Leading in technology

Applying the POP protocol, Koifish inherits all the properties of this protocol and quickly gets the player’s time. Koifish does not require too much skill, specialized equipment from players. So almost anyone can join to enjoy the game and contribute to the POP network. Besides, the market demand is constantly increasing, POP allows Koifish to develop its limitless potential in the future to meet market demand.

And for those who have known POP, they all understand that the reward for building a POP network is not only money at the moment but more. It is a lasting value and is constantly growing as users have built a POP network that covers the gaming community and the crypto community. In addition, the spread and sharing of benefits to the community.

Bringing a huge and sustainable income

The Koifish game allows players to get started easily at a low cost (from only 200 USD) but offers the opportunity to earn up to more than 17,000 USD for 1 item in the game.

However, it can be said that Koifish is a stable and long-term investment game because its main profit is placed on FIT Token. Based on a very small reserve (only 21 million Tokens) along with a unique mining method, the price of FIT can reach $1000 quickly. This is the reason why Koifish’s publishing team confidently commits that they will not sell FIT before it reaches $1000.

In addition, games that use the POP protocol always encourage players to share and expand the network. Therefore, Koifish provides participants with a community expansion policy with an attractive commission of up to 10%.

The ecosystem is constantly growing

FIT is not only used in a single game. In the near future, FIT will appear in several other POP games in the ecosystem from KoiFish.

There will be no more hesitation between holding or selling, FIT holders have more options in the plan to grow profits from this Token. Through online games, Staking platform and Binary Option system in KoiFish’s ecosystem to be launched in the near future, participants will have more opportunities to multiply their accounts by 5 or 10.

Koichain will launch in Quarter 3 2021

With the advantages of FIT as well as the positive response of the market in more than 2 quarters of operation, World Defi Games Ltd announced that it will continue to launch WDG Token. At the same time, it will release its own Mainnet for WDG called Koichain, which is expected to explode in the market in the third quarter of this year.

WDG Token will be mined using FIT’s large available resources through the POW protocol (X11 mining technology), combined with the POS protocol to increase the number of tokens quickly. Currently, the company has the first cooperation with 3rd partners on the plan to deploy the equipment system (X11) for WDG mining. Immediately after WDG launches the community, investors have the opportunity to contribute capital to WDG with FIT to develop and profit from WDG.

The appearance of Koichain will be a statement that WDG have enough potential and technological strength to develop the project in general and WDG in particular to move to the leading position in the market next year. WDG will have its own Blockchain and not depend on the Blockchain of any other coin. Having its own wallet platform, allowing transactions to send/receive tokens, Koichain will be a mainnet dedicated to the decentralized game market and towards the common interests of the community.

In addition, according to Blockchain technology experts, the appearance of Koichain will contribute to reducing the operating costs of the community, thereby increasing the value of profits from WDG as well as all the Tokens that follow it. That is why, although there is only launch information, on technology forums, many individuals and organizations have begun to rely on WDG’s Blockchain to create their own Tokens and contribute to the diversity of the Koichain network.

Since the start of the research and development project in early 2020, the developers of Koifish have outlined a plan to make it the community’s golden fish aquarium. Currently, with a talented team and a sustainable path, Koifish has also achieved certain achievements. However, with the rapid growth rate and the market size expanding day by day, Koifish needs partners to continue to realize its goal of becoming the leader of the game market. Therefore, the Development Team from WDG is always looking for new and potential partners to develop the technology platform as well as develop new markets at present and in the future.

KoiFish will undoubtedly become a real leader in the Decentralized Game industry as a result of its fair collaboration based on the standards of collaboratively developing and benefiting the community.

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