1.     Current reality of Bitcoin market

According to the latest comments from Dan Held – Business Development Director at the leading cryptocurrency exchange Kraken – Bitcoin is ready for a “supercycle”. In his latest article, Held pointed out that central banks are relying on inflationary monetary policies to boost the global economy.

Bitcoin is volatile in recent times

Bitcoin is put in the perfect position for a super cycle. Central banks are printing (money) more than ever. Global debt as a percentage of GDP is at the highest level in history (peacetime). Structural risks in the financial system have not been addressed.

Bitcoin has always been considered a “volatile asset” and cryptocurrency analysts advised the investors to invest only in idle money, what they can afford to lose because it is normal to have nothing after one-night in the market.

So, besides Bitcoin, which currency will be the more sustainable development money in the future? Which projects are getting attention from the financial community?

When a new potential financial project is born, as an experienced investor, you should capture the information at each period to increase your financial strength. And KFCExchange is the name mentioned during this time of changing Bitcoin.

2. What is the KFCExchange?

KFCExchange is one of the few global exchanges with the highest level of security and speed by applying the Crystal of BitFury and the ERC20 standard has opened up a new path for investors and the financial community. 70% of the revenue of the commissions generated from the Trading Platform will be paid daily to investors participating in entrustment to KFCE.

KFCExchange is an emerging Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, supporting many Altcoins as well as tokens newly issued from ICO projects. The headquarter of KFCExchange is located in Hong Kong and launches to investors after the domestic regulations on Crypto are approved.


3. What is KFCE Token? Why do you need to own KFCE token?

Let’s first find out what the KFCE Token is.

KFCExchange is a centralized exchange with a high level of security applying advanced technologies CRYSTAL – a blockchain-based analytical tool and signed with many trading experts in the coin market.

KFCE Token’s role in blockchain technology

Smart contract ETH

Name: KFCE Token

Ticket: KFCE

Total: 100,000,000 Tokens

Distribution rate :

KFCExchange will Release 100,000,000 tokens, include 5 million KFCE to publish ITO, 50 million KFCE for  Technology Development Fund and 45 million KFCE stored to balance the market and fight inflation in other KFCE’s projects. 

Why do you need to own KFCE token?

By owning KFCE token, you will have a stake of KFCExchange and you will periodically distribute interest announced in quarter 1/ 2020. The token value when it is listed for trading in the first quarter of 2020 will probably increase from 5 to 10 times.

The KFCE digital bank brand launching will make KFCE coin more circulated, owned and used. The possibility of increasing the price to X10 or more when KFCE becomes an interbank payment tool in quarter 3/2020. With the positive signals that KFCE brings, the demand of the multinational market is increasing strongly, the next stage KFCE will provide artificial intelligence technology KFCE AI that automatically copies the experts’ trading orders to create additional sources profits for investors.

It can be seen that with the good signals that KFCE brings and the growing demand of the multinational market, the artificial intelligence tool KFCE AI with copying trading orders of experts is a HOT product helping investors have more profits. So KFCE will grow stronger and stronger.

To complete and launch a series of brand new projects in 2020, in addition to attracting investment from existing ecosystems, KFCExchange also plans ITO to issue KFCE tokens and create a capital base to standardize for launching other ecosystems.

This can be seen as an extremely important transition period of KFCExchange. Financial experts and investors are very interested in the KFCExchange project and the KFCE Token.

A big exchange like KFCE has opened up new opportunities for investors to increase assets. Investors can contact us directly or join information channels to update the market and get our best support.

Website: www.kfcexchange.com/


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