Entertainment games are now considered an indispensable part of every person’s life. And just as the advent of blockchain took gaming to the next level with more transparency, more freedom, more liquidity, and unlimited connectivity,… And Herobook is the first spiritual project with Battle To Earn mechanism when connecting crypto investors with gamers and streamers.

1. Battle-To-Earn mechanics first appeared in the game NFT

For those involved in NFT games, the Play-To-Earn mechanics are all too familiar. Players can then participate in the in-game ecosystem and earn assets on the blockchain platform. However, this mechanism also contains many limitations such as:

  • The games are not diverse and limit the opportunities for players to increase their income
  • Most of them are playing according to the PvE model – players with machines, so there will be interference from the manufacturer
  • Some games that are played on platforms other than PvP are not profitable
  • The more players, the more likely inflation is to occur

To overcome that situation, the Battle To Earn mechanism was created and first appeared in the NFT Herobook game. It can be said that with the Battle to Earn mechanism, players can earn assets based on the blockchain platform exactly like the old play to earn model. But it brings many outstanding advantages, such as:

  • Battle-To-Earn is a mechanic that appreciates each player’s individual abilities and tactics
  • Ensure transparency, freedom to directly oppose each other without the intervention of machines or manufacturers
  • Players participating in this model can decide their own profits, if they have good tactics and high thinking, the profit rate can be very high.

2. Hero Book – The most diverse ecosystem in the NFT market

The above information can prove that Hero book is the most diverse ecosystem in the NFT market. In this ecosystem, players can enjoy the thrill of Hero Book, the tension using Hero Card’s strategy and Hero Land’s careful calculation based on Blockchain.

Players can experience through various ecosystems of the Hero Book ecosystem with Hero NFTs and earn profits. This is an extremely attractive game ecosystem, creating a healthy growing game community and from which everyone can create value for themselves.

Hero Book’s ecosystem is very diverse, from NFTization of traditional games to connecting with casino and forex systems as well as many different ecosystems to form the strongest financial ecosystem in the NFT market.


Token Name: HeroBook Game

Token Code: HBG

Standard: BEP-20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 HBG (1 billion Tokens)

Price listed on Pancakeswap exchange: $0.044


Listing Pool and Exchange: 15%

Pre-sale: 15%

Advisor: 5% (Total lock time is 18 months, 12 months unlock 2.5% of HBG Tokens and next 6 months unlock 2.5% of remaining HBG Tokens)

P2E surrounding ecosystem: 25% (Locked for 5 years and amortized according to P2E policy)

DEV team, ecosystem management: 15% (Total lock time is 18 months, 12 months unlock 2.5% of HBG Tokens and next 6 months unlock 2.5% of remaining HBG Tokens)

Marketing, market development: 12% (Total locking time is 12 months, opening 3% of HBG Tokens every quarter)

Future project development fund: 10% (Total locking time is 12 months, opening 2.5% of HBG Tokens every quarter)


In this ecosystem, all players will use NFT Hero to participate in Cyber Arena, as soon as they start participating in the battle, players will pick up randomly dropped weapons and equipment and engage with other players. Play another to participate in the map survival game. Through each predetermined milestone, the map will be narrowed and players need to move quickly into the BO circle or they will lose blood continuously. This is a survival game, whoever survives last on the map will be the winner and gain profit and property.


Herocard is designed with simple rules, players only need to use one NFT Hero to participate in a hand and that is the player’s main card. Then each player will draw another card and use them to attack the enemy and defeat the opponent.


Heroland is a virtual version of the earth, divided into 5.1 trillion pieces of land including both land and ocean and from there you can invest in owning them, buy, sell and rent land in the model. this. Players will use NFT Hero to “farming” to get more minerals or other HBG tokens. Minerals such as rare earths, petroleum, metals, diamonds, energy crystals, etc. The above minerals will be used to build a new world in phase 2.

Other Ecosystems

Live Casio (123betnow): Allows players to experience more diverse gamebles with HBG Token to increase income.

Forex Exchange (ESB – FX): gamers can also try their hand at the ESB – FX decentralized financial exchange when joining the HBG ecosystem, this Forex trading platform will help users make real money. perform arbitrage trades for additional profit across the wide range of assets it offers.

Other games: NFT games and NFT traditional games help diversify the ecosystem and increase liquidity for HBG Token.


With the same advantages that the Battle To Earn mechanism we have read about in the article, it is not hard to believe that this mechanism will become an explosive mechanism and the future trend of the NFT industry. In particular, this is the mechanism used by Hero Book and developed by the diverse HBG Token ecosystem. With strategy game play, diverse character system, skills, along with Battle To Earn model! Surely the game will attract a large number of players.

If you are interested in the project, you can immediately join Hero Book for the opportunity to make a lot of money for yourself.

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