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EggsBook is an investment-oriented entertainment game with the theme of taking care of “late-born” clownfish in the international market, but the EggsBook ecosystem is asserting its position in the market day by day. this potential. It has also been 1 year since the launch of EggsBook to the world. Currently, the EggsBook side has revealed information about a super event called “EggsBook 1st Birthday Party” that will take place in early September this year.

Starting September 1, 2021, EggsBook will launch a series of events to celebrate its 1st birthday. On this special occasion, players will receive countless gifts worth up to $200 to celebrate EggsBook’s new age. This is considered the time for the Publisher to send gratitude to the EggsBook gamer community for giving the Game its love with a year full of emotions and ups and downs.

Hunting for Fish Eggs

Just a simple operation of going to the “SHOP” category and buying two items, “Ocean Hammer” and “Egg Basket”, EggsBook players can easily receive dozens of attractive gifts. Especially the “EggsBook” item worth up to $200 and the Eggs Hunting event will definitely be the opening “appetizer” for the birthday month filled with fun with the EggsBook community.

The event period runs from 0:00 on September 1 to September 30, 2021. During the 30-day event period, players will have a complete opportunity to participate in the birthday series of events of EggsBook to “hunt” many attractive items and the value increases over time of the event.

Honor the Top 3 With EggsBook

During EggsBook’s birthday month, EggsBook Publisher will announce the Top 3 players with the highest number of eggs broken each week. Players who are in the Top 3 will receive attractive “undeniable” gifts with a total value of up to $2000.

For this event, up to 12 players will be honored during the 4 weeks of the birthday month. This creates more opportunities for players to get their hands on the “top of glory”.

Happy Birthday EggsBook 1 year old

Also during the event period, EggsBook Publisher will give away attractive gifts up to over $100 to players whose fish are activated during the event period. Note that each account can only receive it once.

This is considered a small gratitude from the EggsBook team to the players and with the encouragement “Please take good care of the clownfish, make sure these fish will not disappoint.”

Big Promotion – Happy Birthday EggsBook

Items in the “SHOP” category of the EggsBook ecosystem will simultaneously reduce 20% of its initial value and apply only when the player makes the first purchase during the event.

Besides, the series of events to celebrate EggsBook’s 1st birthday is also an opportunity for players to connect with each other and promises to bring many interesting experiences to the EggsBook gaming community.

Everything will be revealed by EggsBook when the “Golden Hour of Birthdays” approaches. I look forward to the surprises that EggsBook Game makers are preparing for the international EggsBook community on this great anniversary.

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