Was just publicly released in 2020, however, EggsBook keeps on proving their excellent developing ability to players by continually updating attractive features that you can not miss. Let check out what are those features shall we:

1. New character: NANNY FLASHY

During stage 1, NANNY FLASHY is introduced to the game and she made the community can’t stop talking about how great she is with her extreme ability. Flashy is a seahorse and she can collect all items dropped in your pool before it disappears. Therefore, you can not miss collecting any items even when you are not in the game. Especially, she can create an extra 0.05-3 GOLD every 06 hours of hard work.

Currently, this nanny is given to every ID that registered before October 15th for free. However, if you did not sign in before this time, there is no need to worry at all because you can buy these awesome nanny services for 9.9 EUSD or 1,100 GOLD.

Eggsbook developers will introduce many more interesting characters during stage 2. Then, those characters are expected to bring a new wave of experiences and surprises to players.

Certainly, EggsBook will soon be loved by the community because of its simple playing style but far different from boring. The game will drive players to pay attention to every detail of each item, each character in order to create profit. Last but not least, if you ever try this game for once, you can never put your eyes away.

2.Unique new items and features

EggsBook has just updated more new items to in-game shop and you can access here (https://system.eggsbook.com/shop) for more details.

Each item has a separate ability, but all those abilities will support you to raise your fish(es). For example, item coral will reduce 5 – 15% of the time required for growing your fish or hatching your egg. On the other hand, item Magnifying Glass will give you the ability to check whether the egg is in the right condition or not. These continuing updates bring waves of joy to its players that made them repeatedly mention EggsBook’s publisher on Twitter with cheerfulness. One more reason that made gamers cheer for EggsBook’s publisher is each time they release a new update, it will always come with an attractive event.

3. New aquariums

The very first thing a player needs to pay attention to when playing EggsBook is choosing yourself a suitable aquarium. Having a big aquarium that can raise from 10 to 30 fishes will help player saving costs as well as easier to take care of your fish. Let’s imagine you have to raise the same amount of fish in 1 big aquarium and many small aquariums, what would you choose? 

In the old days, EggsBook only provided one type of aquarium that is Aquarium 2, meaning you can only raise 02 fishes for each aquarium. However, the number of aquarium types has been updated to 3 types, which are named Aquarium 2, Aquarium 10 and Aquarium 30. Each type number will match with the maximum fish you can raise in those aquariums.

This update helped players have the opportunity to optimize their cost from the first step of the game. 

4. 7 new minigames

This is one of the updates that bring the most joyfulness to EggsBook gamers. Minigame helped players collect more GOLD, which can sell for USD. From the beginning, EggsBook has one minigame, Fish Farming. However, EggsBook’s publisher increased minigame up to 8 with various playing styles. During the time waiting for your fish to grow up, players can access and play these 8 minigames to both amuse and “AH! GOLD!” 

All minigames available in EggsBook are Baccarat, Dolphin Reef, Sea Captain, Great Blue, Foot Ball Ruler, Dolphin Pearl, Ocean trouble, Sexy Beach Party, etc. In which, you can find there are 6 slot minigames, a casino minigame, and a legendary fish farming minigame. These minigames will definitely trap your eyes in EggsBook’s World.  

According to EggsBook’s publisher, these minigames will improve players’ income even when they are waiting for the egg to be hatched or during raising fish.

5. Update App

In response to the desire of gamers, EggsBook’s publisher has pushed the release time of the app version to its limit. Now, waiting for no more gamers, EggsBook will launch the app version in October. Gamers can download the app for free on the official website of EggsBook.

This launching activity has been greeted by the gamers community because the publisher listens to gamers’ needs. Many players of EggsBook tweeted on EggsBook Twitter that they were very concerned about lacking the time for online the game and they could not feed their fish if they were away from home. EggsBook knows that App is a great solution to solve this problem and EggsBook launching the app version. Now, with the flexibility and convenience of the app version, gamers can enjoy EggsBook anytime, anywhere. 

Despite EggsBook has not announced the date release of the app version, the community has already been waiting for it. The specific time to release the app version would be announced onto the social channel of EggsBook.

On the other hand, EggsBook has to expense a bigger cost to push the timeline of updates and processes. However, in exchange for the satisfaction of gamers, EggsBook’s publisher finds all those expenses are worthy. 

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