The world economy is gradually recovering from the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. This is the time when the market has many fluctuations, bringing many challenges as well as opportunities for investors who know how to seize opportunities. In a rather sensitive period for investors, many experts have expressed the view that new projects will bring high profits with rapid growth and are suitable for investors to start over after the pandemic. 

With this view, many new projects launched in the early part of this year have received a lot of attention from the community. One of them is Galaxy Dex from Galaxy Infotech Solutions LTD. Let’s see what this project has to do to attract the attention of the community.

The emergence of the Galaxy Dex?

For a long time, the financial market has become a delicious piece of cake that every investor wants to participate in and share profits. Especially when the generation of decentralized exchanges (DEX) was born. Decentralized exchanges act as a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. In it, there is no supervision like in the past generation of centralized exchanges. By means of automated market-making (AMM) and Dapp applications, decentralized exchanges are born that offer fast transactions and optimized costs for participants. Because of its superior features, the generation of decentralized exchanges quickly became the leading trend in the market and was applied by a large number of businesses.

Famous decentralized exchanges in the world can be mentioned such as Ethereum’s Uniswap, Binance Smart Chain’s Pancake Swap or Polygon’s Quickswap. Although famous and appreciated at the present time, it is undeniable that these exchanges still have certain limitations. The limitations most reported by users are:

  • The ecosystem of exchanges is limited, often with only one ecosystem.
  • Limit the exchange between different tokens on the platform.
  • The transaction speed is not really fast.
  • Transaction fees are sometimes pushed up.

With the mission of changing the financial investment market, bringing a new trend of transactions, Galaxy Infotech Solutions LTD was established and launched the main project, Galaxy Dex, into official operation in early 2021. Galaxy DEX is expected to solve all the disadvantages of the current generation of exchanges and open up a new future for the field of electronic trading.

Why was the Galaxy DEX so well received right out of the box?

There are many questions surrounding why, just “launched” not long ago, Galaxy Dex Decentralized Exchange has received such a positive reception from the community. The answer will be after an in-depth analysis of the possibilities that the project can bring to the community and traders.

Superior features 

Galaxy DEX is built on top of the AMM Multi-Chain Multi-Chain model, which makes Galaxy DEX a big difference compared to other exchanges in the market.

Reach users in many ecosystems.

Overcoming shortcomings such as system bottlenecks, incorrect transaction time of the main chain

Maximize the advantages of different chains: Low cost, fast speed…

Popularize tokens, especially stablecoin projects, on other ecosystems

Allow users in smaller ecosystems to access areas where their ecosystem has not yet been implemented.

Huge profit

In order to bring in profits, Galaxy DEX issues an exchange token with the shortened name of the Galaxy Token project (GLX Token) according to the BEP-20 standard.

Through the diversified ecosystem system owned by Galaxy DEX, GLX will be pushed up in value early this year and start bringing profits to investors as soon as it is owned. However, the biggest benefit from GLX Token is when it comes to the Farming mechanism. Investors, even amateur investors can easily start with it with just $200 starting to earn up to 350% after 12 months. With this mechanism, investors are not limited to the highest investment and bring profit value up to 500% for investors and automatically reinvest and upgrade packages automatically.

Through analysis of the advantages and potential profits that can be brought to investors, Galaxy DEX is indeed one of the must-have projects in the portfolio of talented investors.

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