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EggsBook was first released to the public and made a big splash in 2020, after a year of an active ecosystem with many outstanding achievements and a change in Publisher that has brought much excitement to the community. EggsBook co-player. EggsBook POP Game LTD Company increasingly asserts itself as a talented project operator when the EggsBook development plans are carried out according to the scheduled time and especially the “1 year old birthday” event of the company. EggsBook is now well received by players around the world.

In response to the love that players have for the EggsBook ecosystem, the EggsBook Publisher recently made a move to reveal the EBP Token and quickly became one of the TOP searches when not only the EggsBook player community was interested. , but also the global crypto community.

What is EggsBook Token?

EggsBook Token (EBP Token) was created by EggsBook POP Game LTD and is the main currency for buying and selling EggsBook game items along with EUSD and Points. Besides, EBP Token will be issued and listed on international exchanges without going through ICO or Pre-sale. This is the difference that this token brings when compared to other tokens on the market.

Some basic information about EBP Token.

Token Name: EggsBook Token.

Token Code: EBP.

Standard: BEP-20

Total supply: 600,000,000 (six hundred million).

EBP Token Distribution

EBP Tokens are distributed as follows:

• Listing Pool And Exchange 30%

• Developing The Surrounding Ecosystem: 30%

  • Eggsbook: 5%
  • 123Betnow, Game Betting & Sportbook: 5%
  • Eggsbook BO & Forex : 5%
  • Eggsbook NFT & Metaverse: 15%/3 Projects

• Dev Team, Ecosystem Management: 20%

• Airdrop, Promotion, Bounty,…: 5%

• Pre-sale, Big holder, Angle Investment: 5%

• Marketing, Market Development: 10%


The launch of EBP Token was in the plan as planned by the EggsBook team. Besides, EBP Token has a relatively clear and specific development path. In a recent interview, the EggsBook project representative revealed that the appearance of EBP Token will be closely related to phase 2 of the upcoming EggsBook ecosystem.

  • EBP Token will become the official cryptocurrency in the EggsBook ecosystem from September 5, 2021. This means that players can sell EggsBook eggs to the Publisher to receive EBP Token and use it. This token is for in-game exchange.
  • On September 9, 2021, the EggsBook team started the process of listing EBP Tokens on the Pancake Swap exchange to increase its liquidity.
  • The roadmap for the production of the NFT game ecosystem with the main currency of EBP Token will begin at the end of September 2021. The EggsBook gaming community can own quality NFT products with high-value thanks to the investment of EBP Token or using eggs of the Eggsbook system to convert to NFT.
  • EBP Token is officially used in all remaining EggsBook ecosystems such as EggsBook Binary Option ecosystem and 123Betnow ecosystem by the end of 2021.
  • In addition, EBP is also allocated funds to use for the development of future technology start-up projects, thereby creating a strong and diverse ecosystem.

The limitless potential of EBP Token with the launch foundation is the Eggsbook ecosystem.

NFT gaming is currently an exciting and rapidly growing field around the world, as evidenced by the numerous NFT games that will become famous and worth millions of dollars globally by 2021. Following the market trend, the EggsBook team will launch the first NFT project in the EggsBook ecosystem with EBP Token as the official trading cryptocurrency.

The goal of creating the EggsBook NFT project is the desire to create a valuable ecosystem and the world will continue to see million-dollar deals when an NFT product of the EggsBook ecosystem is worth a hundred thousand dollars. Not stopping there, EggsBook POP Game LTD company always has the ambition to become the “big boss” of the Blockchain market when always aiming for multi-ecosystem development in the future.

With the wise move that EggsBook has outlined, EBP Token currently has a very solid launch pad to “struggle”. Because it is rare for a newly launched token to be used in more than 4 ecosystems and with the pedal from the NFT game project, EBP Token will automatically become a “star” in the mind of the cryptocurrency community.


It is these factors that help EBP Token quickly win the hearts and expectations of the EggsBook community. However, these are only small revelations about this token. We absolutely have the right to hope for a more explosive EBP Token at launch as well as the potential value that EBP Token can achieve is still a question mark in the world cryptocurrency market.

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