Since its inception in 2010, Blockchain has been widely used in economic and life fields such as technology, finance, banking,… attracting tens of millions of dollars from investors. And in recent years, the investment market is very active with entertainment platforms like blockchain games that are very potent and expected to become a prominent trend in the next 5 years of Blockchain technology.
EggsBook will also be one of the games to catch this important wave.


If you are not a billionaire or a “giant” in the game development industry, your chances of approaching and investing in an online game are almost zero. But with EggsBook, you can start a business. by farming virtual fish and taking care of them and starting with $ 200 or simply collecting Gold is a way to start from scratch.

Blockchain technology along with open source will allow every player to own and trade every item in the game to create a huge income that is many times the original investment.


Recently, Eggsbook has officially launched in the Vietnamese market and has been welcome a lot from countries in Asia, such as Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and Vietnam. Investors can start to register to the system and experience the first features of game along with a super-profits promotion for investors who own the first eggs of EggsBook in the period. The first opening paragraph from September 20,2020 – October 15, 2020.

  • Buy 30 eggs, get 3 free eggs
  • Buy 60 eggs, get 10 free eggs

=> Eggs price in here:

This promotion only lasts for 20 days before entering the next phase. Therefore, investors need to quickly own if they do not want to miss an opportunity to pay back, or even receive more profits right from the beginning of the project.

If you are a crypto investor, you will surely appreciate that EggsBook is not only an entertaining game but also an opportunity for you to make money and become a millionaire.

Hatch eggs, take care of virtual fish and get bonuses for upgrading your fish.


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The attractive Affiliate policy for those who want a long cooperation relationship with the project:


The intersection of blockchain technology and game online creates a new trend for game industry in the next 5 years – monetization. Are you ready to catch up with this flow and start with Eggsbook?

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