RED BOX token – cryptocurrency come from multinational corporations REDBOX INC LIMITED, is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the Red Box Dapp app ecosystem.

The Red Box Dapp project, launched in 2019 has archived certain successes. On the 24th February, RBD token listed on TAGZ exchange – one of the most reputable exchanges in Australia. This demonstrates the stable development future of RBD token will become the next generation blockchain after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).


TAGZ exchange ICO platform

TAGZ Exchange is a licensed dual exchange and is Australia’s largest licensed exchange for cryptocurrency asset transactions under Tagz Group Pty Ltd.

TAGZ is the first fully licensed and regulated Dual Gateway in Australia and is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Their focus is on protecting users by actively monitoring transaction activity on the TAGZ platform and minimizing incidents of flash, pump & dump, tampering, etc. as well as protecting user information. The TAGZ platform provides access to traditional cryptocurrencies and in the future that enables quick, secure trading in the world’s largest altcoin market. Buy and sell, send, receive, and store virtually any cryptocurrency on TAGZ Exchange.


It can be said that RBD token and the first generation of blockchain – Bitcoin (BTC) have a similar development process and features.

Both start from the ITO phase to raise capital to build a stable fund for future development. RBD tokens and Bitcoin were created to become a utility payment method in the future for the Red Box Dapp’s ecosystem.

Just launched in 2019 but up to now Red Box Dapp project has grown tremendously and brought great value to the community. The ecosystems like IBet and Red Box Trade combined with advanced AI technology, have brought attractive benefits to investors.

Investors in the cryptocurrency market have also seen the potential of RBD tokens in the future. Therefore, during the ITO period, the value of RBD tokens has increased by 30% compared to the early days.

According to the published roadmap, by the end of this year, Red Box Dapp will be listed on at least two international exchanges and become a standard payment method on the exchanges in the future.

It is the strong growth in the number of users as well as the growth potential of the RBD token that has made attention to many reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. One of them is TAGZ – the most prestigious exchange platform in Australia.


After the negotiation on bilateral cooperation, TAGZ has officially announced the listing of RBD tokens, supporting the transaction of pair RBD/USDT. Trust and mutual support in the cooperation process are essential. Leaders of both sides believe in the potential development of Blockchain technology in the future. Therefore, the RBD / ETH trading pair will be launched at a later stage and will be announced to all investors.

TAGZ Exchange appreciates the results achieved by Red Box Dapp

TAGZ Exchange appreciates the results achieved by the efforts of the RBD token team in recent years. Willingness to accompany with the project in the future and listing RBD tokens on TAGZ Exchange is the first step in the more comprehensive and extensive cooperation.

The Red Box Dapp community from around the world with large investment funds, the leading team of advisors will help Red Box Dapp make steady strides. Certainly, in the future, Red Box will continue to extend the list of platforms that accept this token.

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