It is undeniable that, if you carefully observe the activities of a business, you will easily guess a part of the personality and views of the executives of that business, and vice versa. Executives are at the top of the business and largely determine the company’s success or failure in the marketplace through their decisions. For the market that is considered difficult and requires high competence for the founders such as the cryptocurrency market, the development team, or the executives who are considered as the “nuclear” of each corporation. This is an important factor in the development of the project and is also a leading factor when considering the investment decisions of partners and participants. In this article, discover what’s special inside the heart of Koifish – the most popular game ecosystem in the first half of 2021 on the market.

Koifish – The popular game ecosystem 2021

Koifish is a potential project released by WORLDWIDE DEFI GAMES LIMITED company. The idea was started at the beginning of 2020, but by the end of the year, the company was officially established in the UK. After nearly 3 quarters of preparation, Worldwide Defi Games launched the Koifish project in the last quarter of the year. Koifish is positioned as a decentralized game and immediately impressed the market with the successful application of the POP (Proof Of Play) protocol when it was released.
The interface and story of Koifish is the journey of taking care of KOI fish, the fish is considered a symbol of hope and strength originating from Asia. Through manipulations, in-game tasks to mine FIT Token, Koifish’s own cryptocurrency, and get ICO at that time and bring profits to players.
After more than 6 months of operation up to now, Koifish has received the trust of the community as well as high appreciation from experts in the field. Since then, Worldwide Defi Games has increasingly put Koifish’s position higher on the rankings of projects in the cryptocurrency market. Especially becoming the leading name in the Blockchain game community using the POP protocol.

KoiFish’s operational goals

The establishment of Worldwide Defi Games, as well as the appearance of Koifish with a mission for the development of the crypto community in general and the game market in particular. Worldwide Defi Games CEO JONATHAN REYNOLDS shared that the company’s mission is to bring gamers around the world a decentralized gaming platform that makes gaming easier and more transparent. ever. Players can earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month without requiring too much gaming skill.

“We will be the market leader in Defi Game to make gamers all around the world rich and financially independent.” – Mr. Jonathan Reynolds spoke about the company’s vision in the press conference to launch the project.

After 6 months of hard work, Koifish has gradually reached the Vision and Mission of oriented leaders from the very beginning. With a leading technology system, Koifish really brings a huge and sustainable income to participants. Besides, there is a roadmap to launch a vibrant ecosystem that allows players through online games, Staking platform, and Binary Option system to expand their chances of multiplying 5 or 10 of their accounts. Finally, WDG – the upcoming launch of the Koichain mainnet – will be the next bright coin of Koifish.

Discover the “Nuclear” that bring Koifish to the pinnacle of success

To reach the current achievements, the leaders of Worldwide Defi Games have had a solid direction for the Koifish roadmap from the beginning. So who are they and how do they do such great things?

Holding the position of CEO (CEO) of the corporation is Mr. Jonathan Reynolds with more than 32 years of experience in the field of Information Technology and computer games. Before becoming known as the leader of Koifish, he was one of the contributing factors in the success of Bitcoin in the 2000s. And in particular, his reputation is also praised for contributing to the revival of the cryptocurrency market at a time when development was on hold.

Mr Jonathan was the founder of NeoGames Experiment before running Koifish. He shared that what he has for Koifish now is the experience and knowledge he has accumulated during his time in running an information technology and computer business, consulting and developing businesses with technology trends. For him, nothing is more important than being able to see and catch market trends promptly. It can be said that thanks to his vision, Koifish has become one of the rare projects that appeared and achieved many achievements in the context of Covid19 destroying the economy.

Koifish has become a technology leader in the market thanks to the leadership of a talented young CTO. The unique combination of technical expertise, project management, and people management makes Mr. Patrick Wilson an absolute success in guiding FIT and the FIT Team to success. During his 10-year career in engineering, Patrick was the tycoon in troubleshooting, administration, operations, Network Management, Application Development, Data Center Management, Contract Development. smart contract, Encryption of the repository, Cryptography. He helped the company reduce operating costs significantly through improved specifications and increased efficiency.

Two people who have greatly contributed to Koifish’s current reputation are Mr. Christian Howard – Marketing Director and Mr. Andrew James – Director of Market Development at Worldwide Defi Games. The boom of Koifish and the rapid increase in brand awareness is thanks to the right strategies from these talented men. When joining Koifish’s management board, there were many opinions that a young person would be keener and therefore more suitable for this position. However, with what the two men brought to Koifish, they successfully smashed the doubts of the community. Instead, their rich experience, vision, and “tricks’ ‘ are the golden key of the door that brings Koifish to every corner of the world.

Mr. Christian has a very unique leadership mindset. He empowers his team while also providing them with the opportunity to explore and conquer challenges, providing the vision and context from which to guide and support them in carrying out them. He recruits and encourages people with diverse perspectives and life experiences. It is this that will bring absolute success to his marketing campaigns.

Formerly the CEO and Co-Founder of Soccer ManagerTM with over 20 million downloads, and a professional game developer for over 15 years, Andrew James is extremely knowledgeable about the game market and community insights. Andrew’s greatest strength is not only his ability to create but also his ability to lead. That’s why when he took on the challenge of developing a marketing strategy to bring WDG’s core products and services to market, he did it extremely quickly and with great success.

In addition, WDG also has a team of talented regional directors with a strong understanding of their market details, who directly manage its market areas. Including Mr.Oliver Smith, Asia director of WDG. With outstanding analytical ability, business acumen, and IT expertise, Oliver Smith is responsible for leading long-term strategic planning, revenue growth and profit growth, and regional management. Asia-Pacific and Africa. Under the excellent management of Oliver, Asia – Pacific is one of the three strongest and most sustainable growth markets of Koifish up to the present time.

With an extremely talented executive team, well versed in expertise and the market as well as being responsive to industry fluctuations, Koifish is a latecomer to the market, but it has a solid foundation. With extremely valuable “nuclear”, Koifish is without a doubt the brightest name for investors and gamers this year. In addition, the way experts believe, the development roadmap from the leadership will take Koifish away for at least 10 -15 years and not exclude the possibility of becoming a leading project of the industry in the not too distant future.

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