If you are familiar with the field of financial investment, you should look for more creative direction and more sustainable profit. In recent years in the field of culturing pearls, besides the increasingly scarce saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls are not only popular in the field of jewelry, but also become a high-class raw material in industry cosmetics world.

Oyster Cultivation

Investing in raising sons to get pearls in the past time attracted not only domestic investors but also investors from Japan, Australia, China …Experiencing many trials with many failures, the “pearl hunt” race has been larger, clearly delineated from brand to class, pearl quality. The market still often talks about the quality of pearls today, because real or fake pearls are only known by insiders.

Aware of this, BlueSea Consulting And Solution Ltd company was founded by a team of SAUDI FISHERIES CO. – a corporation established in 1980 and a leader in developing aquaculture in Saudi Arabia, has a large market share in the United Kingdom.

SAUDI FISHERIES CO has an advanced infrastructure in catching, culturing, supplying seafood, logistics, food and trade in distribution and retail.

SAUDI FISHERIES CO has established a subsidiary, BlueSea, to research Pearl farming in Asia and apply Blockchain technology with the advantage of data transparency so that everyone can invest and join together. profitable with BlueSea.

BlueSea Company Limited is an investment group in the field of aquaculture and specializes in providing high-quality seafood products to the United Kingdom. With huge shrimp farms and three large manufacturing plants with a product supply chain of more than 8000 tons per year for the United Kingdom with a fleet of refrigerated trucks with thousands of units.

They specialize in investing as well as building aquaculture models in Asian countries with the best soil. With their strong farming technology and professional management model, they have achieved some successes. certain in your investment model. They will now apply Blockchain technology to create global investment opportunities for the community. Focusing on the commitment to farming and insurance for investors is unique at BST. 

The company has pearl farming infrastructure plans in many countries having large sea surface areas and good weather with the size of the lake and the number of seeds. The company has provided 2 business models for investors including:

  • Consignment Model: allowing investors to buy breeds and consign for raising households.
  • Entrusted farming model: Investors are allowed to participate in buying breeds and entrusting farming with 100% breed insurance benefits, a 300% profit rate including capital and interest after 24 months.

The model provides the farming process reported via the online system and members can follow the farming directly. Providing solutions for investors who have no expertise in aquaculture but still have committed profits.

The value of BST that their technology will create in the future for investors. An example they have given is that 10 cultured pearls, including 7 sons that produce pearls, each worth 100 USD, the principal and interest that the investor will get is 700 USD. Synonym 10 BST = 700 USD -> 1 BST = 70 USD. BST has increased from 5 USD to 70 USD (in 2 years).

Also, they said that the number of BST can be limited so many investors want to own more BST, in the future, BST will increase more and more. Besides, BST is also assured of breeding breeds, so the depreciation is impossible.

A great investment model with valuable pearls that you should not miss. 

More Information:

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