Blockchain has brought undeniable benefits to future technology and finance. DApps with the role of operating the blockchain and thoroughly applying blockchain help develop many industries in the future. A variety of young projects are born, aimed at addressing many limitations in each industry. Whether or not it succeeds is evidence of the ongoing development of various decentralized applications.

Dapp Classification according to the property of Blockchain

Concentration Model – Decentralized Dispersion – Distribution

There are a number of characteristics by which decentralized applications can be classified. Dapp classification based on the characteristic of owning Blockchain or building on other Blockchain, we have 3 types:

  • Type 1: Decentralized applications have their own Blockchain. Bitcoin is the most famous example of type 1 or Ethereum and some other altcoins are also a typical example.
  • Type 2: Decentralized application uses the Blockchain of type 1 decentralized application. Type 2 decentralized application is the protocol and token required to perform its functions.
  • Type 3: Decentralized application uses the protocol of type 2 decentralized application. Type 3 is the protocol and has its own token needed to perform its functions.

To make it easier to understand, we can make comparisons between DApps and common computer applications. DApp type 1 is similar to the computer operating system we use every day. Meanwhile, DApp type 2 is the software to support daily tasks. And DApp type 3 is a specialized software or Plugin to support business applications.

What is Payany?

Payany – A new economic system with a global scope

PayAny is a decentralized corporation with investments across Asia in eight main areas: telecommunications, technology, finance, social networking, online games, and e-commerce.

As one of the leading corporations in the region, PayAny LLC has continued to deliver strong leading growth and profitability through successful investment strategies and stable returns over the years.

Payany is creating an innovative economic system with a global scope, paving the way for a macro change towards a life based on common values. Collaboration, ethics, solidarity, and transparency are core elements of value creation for all. Currently, Payany is implementing Payany Ibet and Payany Market (E-commerce).

Payany Token (DPA)

The Payany project will issue tokens that bring high value to users. In particular, the PayAny token is developed according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, under Smart Contracts and Smart Contribution Mechanism. The initial total supply is 500 million DPA.

Total supply: 500,000,000

Token Name: DPA

Contributing currency: ETH DPA

Blockchain standard: ERC2

DPA is committed to a fair value exchange system on a global scale. Our innovative Proof-of-Contribution (PoC) blockchain mechanism is a unique consensus algorithm developed specifically by DPA’s Technical Development Department. In particular, PoC based on user contributions to the network. The amount of coins mined is determined by the amount of capital deposited. Such information will be stored and displayed in a blockchain smart contract, which will then be automatically enforced.

Decentralized ecosystem

As decentralized blockchain protocols begin to replace the centralized web services that dominate the Internet today, we will begin to see the true sovereignty of the internet. The internet of the future will be a decentralized system.

Use DPA as a medium of exchange. Accept payments by DPA in your store, support your local business or use DPA online. We are constantly looking for skilled people who want to contribute in promoting this wonderful project.

Payany via Dapp depends on Smart contract

Smart contracts are a way to save money on transactions by limiting the payment to intermediaries.

Smart Contract allows Payany users to conduct trusted transactions on a decentralized network that is both trackable and irreversible.

Smart contracts enable Payany users to trade in a conflict-free way and without having to rely on a middleman.

Basically, users can use dApp in many different ways. Perhaps the simplest method is that users can exchange Payany tokens to settle a financial contract with other users.

Other forms of dApp related to information not only stored on a blockchain.

To do this effectively, Payany uses smart contracts based on external information provided by reliable, specific information providers to information about how and whether the contract has done or not.

Benefits of Dapp for Payany

Payany uses a peer-to-peer network to help reassign the data we own. No third party can monitor, modify or prevent them.

The cuts in intermediaries will bring huge financial benefits for users as well as large organizations, providing opportunities to earn more income for qualified freelancers, reducing commission fees. Expensive as well as cyber scams for both partners.

DApp will grow day by day thanks to the open-source nature and the community thereby promoting the development of Payany. Therefore, the value of the Payany project will be expanded, it is difficult to say in just a few lines.

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