Cryptocurrency investment is currently a new, potential trend and attracts many investors in the financial market. Meanwhile, the gaming industry is also constantly asserting its position as not only expanding its customer base, but the growth rate of revenue is increasing. The two sectors are thought to be unrelated, but at one point, the market realized that this combination would be able to bring a breakthrough. That’s what Booming Games Platform has been pursuing.


Booming Games Platform, a group specializing in providing game platforms operating in the European market, is a witness that accompanies the development of the world gaming industry. 

“We’ve been operating long enough in this market to know that the gaming industry will never have a recession. The world of entertainment is always changing. We want to profit from it, the first thing to think about is to satisfy the increasing entertainment needs of players. The more profit, the bigger the competition. That’s why we are constantly researching to find new experiences for our customers. ”

Sharing about the Game industry of Booming Games Platform’s representative. 


Talking about the strengths of Lucky Box, Booming Games Platform’s representative said that Lucky Box will satisfy the most fastidious customers with its outstanding features:

First of all, Lucky Box is the first decentralized game platform on the market. Thanks to the Blockchain platform, the result will be fair to all gamers. As the first game cooperating with the online chat platform Telegram, Lucky Box promises to bring players a great experience thanks to the smooth interface and high-quality images. Players can join anywhere and anytime with just one device connected to the Internet.

The second feature, which also makes Lucky Box be a star in the world gaming market, is the integration of cryptocurrencies into the game – something no previous project has ever done. In other words, Booming Games Platform is a pioneer in making game platforms that use tokens to pay.


Upon launching Lucky Box, Booming Games Platform immediately issue its currency called BMG Token to serve the needs of players.

BMG Token will be the first currency to be used as the main payment method in the game ecosystem of the Booming Games Platform in particular and the world game market in general.

50 million BMG Token will be used to develop the community for the first ecosystem – the Lucky Box game. At the same time, this is also the reward of this series. So it can be said that with Booming Games, playing games is not only for entertainment but also a potential source of income for participants.

Gamers can easily own BMG tokens through ITO rounds that will be open for sale in the second quarter of 2021 at the starting price of only $ 0.1. Booming Games’ game system with BMG Token burning mechanism along with limited circulation, the group has plans to push the price of Token to become the top 10 most valuable Token on the market by 2021. And the action to prove it will surely come true, BMG Token will be listed on 5 exchanges in the top 100 on Coinmarketcap.

Booming Games Platform with Lucky Box and potential currency BMG Token has created a special combination. This will connect the Gamer and Holder communities and bring them to a higher position in the growing global economy.

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