Developer 1st Playable on twitter denied the rumors about one of their games being used to hijack Nintendo’s Switch console to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Developer 1st Playable tweeted that the Nintendo Switch is a safe platform, with no data and privacy issues associated with some mobile and PC games. There were rumors going around, claiming that one of their games is being used to hijack Nintendo’s Switch console to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But the developer denied such claims. Nintendo release Cooking Mama: Cookstar, utilizes the blockchain. 1st Playable reassured that there was nothing shady in the codes. 

The developer reassures nothing shady in the codes.

1st Playable responded to a tweet that had asked a question regarding a claim of the game being delisted due to its mining consoles for cryptocurrency. 1st Playable tweeted, “as the developers, we can say with certainty there is no cryptocurrency or data collection or blockchain or anything else shady in the code.” The official Cooking Mama: Cookstar account pointed out that it had only considered using blockchain technology as a means to allow players to trade in-game assets, and not to mine cryptocurrency. 

The company clarified in a statement saying,

“the internet is alive with rumors that Cooking Mama: Cookstar includes hidden cryptocurrency/blockchain abilities that are causing the Switch to overheat. This is absolutely incorrect.” 

The rumors started when the game suddenly no longer available in Nintendo’s eShop.

It was reported before the release of Cooking Mama: Cookstar that it will use blockchain, which did not create much of a stir at the time. But when the game was suddenly no longer available in Nintendo’s eShop just a few hours after its release, the rumor started to emerge on social media. Some reports also emerged, claiming that the Switch was prone to overheating and drained the battery. Some users also speculated the console was secretly being used to mine crypto. 

Nintendo still has not released any official statement as to why the Cooking Mama: Cookstar was pulled from Nintendo’s eShop, but they have clarified that rumors of the console being used to mine cryptocurrencies are not accurate.