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In recent years, the virtual currency market has developed strongly and has become an extremely fertile land for investors. With the aim of replacing fiat money, becoming a global payment solution in the future, virtual currency is increasingly developing comprehensively and diversely with more than 8000 types of virtual currency already in circulation. Among them must be mentioned White Dragon Coin – a coin in the process of development.


Dogecoin, also known as DOGE coin, is a decentralized digital currency based on Litecoin. Its design is inspired by the meme “Doge”. Its original idea was a prank created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus based on the LuckyCoin source code. Perhaps it is the “lack of serious” nature of Dogecoin that has brought it success.


Among the top 10 coins with the largest capitalization

High token price

Simple structure

Can be used to raise funds for charity

High security, almost absolute thanks to the operation mechanism based on public password encryption

Simple, easy to use

No need to download the entire Blockchain data


Unlimited Quantity: In other words, Dogecoin risks becoming increasingly inflationary

Not open source

This is a meme coin, i.e. “for fun”, with no grand mission or vision like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Lack of practical applications. Large organizations that have participated in the field of cryptocurrency such as Visa, PayPal, Tesla, … have not signaled that they will accept Dogecoin

FEG Token

Is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum platform. FEG Token is a completely free ecosystem, no individual or organization holds complete ownership.


FEG is completely decentralized, with no single owner owning a large number of tokens. All decisions are made in the public interest

FEG Token has a good security system.

As a highly regarded coin with great growth potential


Can’t buy directly, you need to buy one of the main electronics like Bitcoin, Ethereum,… then you can switch to FEG

White Dragon Coin

White Dragon Coin, denoted as WDG is the name of an upcoming cryptocurrency, expected to be launched in June 2021 on the NFT market, i.e. when you own any card, it will be your property, it cannot be recreated nor destroyed.

Animal coins – WDG


The WDG user community is extremely large and has the potential to thrive in the future, promising to create many explosions.

Supported on major and reputable Defi exchanges

Own NFT through WDG Token

Mission to protect works of art

Low transaction cost, fast transaction speed

Passive farming, 3% of the transactions are distributed to the holders


WDG launched later than other Coins

It’s in the process of launching and processing, so some hiccups are inevitable


The article is analyzed and evaluated in an objective way as well as according to the information I found out myself. Not trying to defame or demean anything, nor claim that this White Dragon coin is worth the investment. That’s just advice for you to choose. Be smart, discerning investors. Good luck to you, see you in the next posts.