While humans are still engrossed in the promise of a future where robots can replace us to do everything, B.O.I is trying to prove that technology can be a powerful tool but all decisions are needed the subtlety and flexibility of the human brain. In early 2020, they officially launched the Premium Profit trading account management service, which combines HI and AI as an affirmation of their views.


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Since the 4.0 technology revolution originated in Germany about 10 years ago, the term 4.0 has become a craze in almost every field. Scientists and administrators around the world embark on a race to research and apply these “achievements” with the desire to optimize their business activities, education, or financial investment fields.

In recent years, Forex investors have seemingly tired and become wary of the risks that the market brings. They find it difficult to make decisions because of market pressures as well as possible losses. But giving up a market with huge profits like Forex is something few traders choose once they have entered. They started looking for ways to make the transactions easier and the rate of winning higher. Finally, they put their faith in AI.

AI Bots are created with the expectation of replacing experts trading on exchanges, providing market analysis responsively, and timely. These bots can even replace humans to make investment decisions. With the ability to accurately calculate the speed in seconds, they have been good at the role of a safety information collector and optimal data processor.

However, AI, exactly what it is called – artificial intelligence – they still need the teachings of humans before they can operate independently.


Being born in the late twentieth century and operating in the field of Forex trading, B.O.I Trading Company Limited has witnessed all the changes in this market. Since humans are still involved in the transactions themselves, analyze these market reports or tracking them manually from the fluctuations on the chart, until the use of AI or CopyTrade robots born.

Although B.O.I recognize that technology can be a powerful tool, every decision still requires the sophistication and flexibility of the human brain. Therefore, in 2020, they embarked with PremiumTrade – the first official European Simplex exchange to establish the Premium Profit project.

The most outstanding advantage of Simplex is its 100% transaction supported by robots and artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, problems of fraud or manipulation would not exist here. Besides, Simplex minimizes trading time, investors will trade in broken time frames to minimize the problems of technical analysis errors.

Compared to traditional Forex, Simplex offers the chance of success more than 3 times with up to 30% investor success rate. And this is also the main reason for Premium Profit to choose the Binary Simplex platform to develop its project.

The combination of HI and AI

Premium Profit offers a solution for investors through a trading account management service. The management model is designed based on the combination of AI technology under the close supervision of the leading experts in binary options to ensure maximum profits for investors.

The operators of B.O.I have the opinion:

“The world is always changing and a bustling market like Forex certainly does. Therefore, we are always refreshing our database. We are constantly improving and improving our Bot AI system by providing it with input from experts who have real experience in the market. ”


What is more wonderful when the abundant income from Forex still flows into the pocket every day, and traders still have time to create other sources of income for themselves. With Premium Profit trading account management service everything is completely possible. That is the reason why Premium Profit is considered a crosscut to the success of the new generation traders.

All trading accounts of traders will be directly managed by experts. At the same time, the Bot AI system has been researched and built and completed to support to minimize risks. All transaction results will be periodically reported to customers every month. Therefore, investors are fully active in cash flow as well as monitoring transactions from their accounts via MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Premium Profit brings stable, safe, and guaranteed profit up to 30% per month for each trading account. Not only does it earn huge profits from Forex, but investors also have the opportunity to increase their income by assisting other traders to join Premium Profit. The commission up to 32% on the total management fee is what investors have the opportunity to receive from B.O.I.

No risk, no time consuming and no need for any specialization, Premium Profit trading account management service has satisfied the most demanding traders and brought to individuals and organizations operating in Forex field profits thousands of dollars even in a short time of operation.

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