The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is pitching the initiative of blockchain drones, also known as the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The application of blockchain into the system would enhance operations in the industry, according to the report.

DOT highlights the need for blockchain drones

DOT emphasized that the technology will enable more trust and transparency in the industry, amid its highly-tout properties. Per the report, the blockchain technology will specifically be directed to solve challenges hitting the United States UASs.

Among these challenges includes the need for trust, given that drones are autonomously operated, to a large extent. However, the plan for blockchain drones can be a solution, as the technology can bring trust in the industry through protocols as well as policies. 

Blockchain drones can be well suited for many commercial UAS usage. Particularly, this relates to companies and individual businesses that deploy drone deliveries to customers, as the need for integrity is essential.

DOT further noted that technology could also ensure a more secure framework for stakeholders in the commercial UAS industry. In addition to that, Blockchain drones will enable support for drone conflict and aircraft traffic management, etc.

Effective drone organ delivery

Another critical sector that suits blockchain drones is organ delivery, according to the report. Timing is very important during organ transplantation. Notably, drones are faster in deliveries, and the application of blockchain will enable stakeholders to access and track details on the organ.

With every year passing by, the adoption of drones continues to increase across countries, with a major application on essential services. The report revealed that the combination of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain would result in a more trusted and secured UAS industry.

While the report touts on the potential of drone blockchain, it’s worth noting that blockchain is already being applied in different projects within the industry. This includes the use of blockchain in black boxes.