Cryptocurrency market is getting more interested in people because of its great potential and high profitability. However, not all coins have the ability to develop in the long term, especially when the world money market is volatile.

Recently, the market is interested in a coin called Betgame Token (BG Token) which is a new coin and is considered to have the potential to increase in price. So what is BG Token? Why does this market favor this coin so much?

What is Betgame Token?

Betgame Token is the official payment method of the project called Betcoin and its derivative ecosystems. It was built on the TRON blockchain that allows users to transact without intermediaries, with a high level of decentralization and censorship resistance.

Betcoin is an aggregator site for investors, analysts, gamers to experience the intellectual betting game system and make profits from them. Along with the growing demand for entertainment, Betcoin has become a trading platform trusted and chosen by millions of players. Betcoin not only helps entertainment, but also optimizes game time and makes money through BG Token payment method.


Institutional / investor’s attention to BetGame Token stems from four main factors:

The era of decentralized game platforms

COVID-19 has changed people’s stereotypes with online games. During this time, many people fell into a state of unemployment and leisure. Although the demand has increased strongly, it is the worry of many people and this is also an opportunity for decentralized game platforms to develop.

This has confirmed the strong development of the TRON blockchain network – an efficient and powerful blockchain platform for content distribution in the digital entertainment industry.

And BetGame Token will definitely have a wide chance to be ready for the first hit as soon as it is released thanks to the great features from Betcoin and the TRON network that it supports.

In addition, Betcoin is also a strategic partner of the decentralized game platform EggsBook POP Game, which is very popular among gamers. Although it was only released in June 2020, EggsBook officially surpassed 1 million players on the eve of the new year. This has demonstrated the attraction from platforms that can make money while playing games.

And BetCoin can completely become the next name to join this new craze, at the same time, the platform inherits the outstanding advantages as well as overcoming all the shortcomings of the existing platforms to create the best version for players.

Transparency, security, multinational payments

Players of this platform can earn money through gaming and building networks, connecting communities around the globe. In particular, decentralized games are confirmed to have high security, transparency and strong potential for value addition.

The BG Tokens (Betgame Tokens) will not be affected by the market rate. BG Token has the ability to pay anywhere, anytime and its value will be determined based on the needs of the market as well as the need to increase prices and opposite.

Airdrop plan and Affiliate commission

Many experts have confirmed that the UNI token (owned by Uniswap) would not really be so famous without the UNI Token for the community.

Specifically, 300 million BetGame Token will be donated completely free with an attractive agent policy. With just this one move, BetGame Token has received warm support from participants with this fascinating event. All participants in the project will receive between 140 – 150 BG Token completely free.

Betgame Token Increased Development Potential

With the need for entertainment and making money increasingly high, the ability to easily profit with Betcoin. Then the ability to reach the top of BG Token is completely possible and it will soon join the top of the Hidden Gem coins – coins with quite good technological potential, not yet strong community development, low value but it has extremely high explosive capacity.

Another factor that could confirm the bullish potential of BG Token is thanks to the TRON blockchain network. Currently, only the TRON blockchain develops in the digital entertainment industry, affirming its unique position in the market. And certainly if the demand for this industry increases, both TRON and its derivatives like BG Token will join the trend and peak quickly.

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