The name TIENDIENTU247 can be a fairly new name in the digital money industry in Vietnam. However, TIENDIENTU247 has many points worth admiring and seriously acknowledging. If you are a new trader, only your own Vietnamese Dong, are looking for an exchange with a simple interface, fast speed, with the lowest transaction fees. Then TIENDIENTU247 may be right for you.

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This exchange accepts users not only in Vietnam but also from all over the world and has received positive reviews from the crypto community. Recently, the exchange has also cooperated with a number of local banks to be able to easily and quickly accept money transactions and transfers.

Here are some of the highlights of TIENDIENTU247, some of which are considered by industry experts, that will make TIENDIENTU247 a leading exchange in the industry.

1 / Simple design to maximize user efficiency.

The first point that everyone when logging into TIENDIENTU247 will feel, is the design of the exchange. Each investor has different opinions in terms of details when experiencing the exchange for the first time. But on the whole, almost everyone agrees on the simplicity of the exchange’s design.

Not too elaborate in color, not too confusing because of lines and charts, TIENDIENTU247 exchange has a quite simple design, focusing on the main trading features of the exchange. The simplicity of this design makes it easy for users to navigate to the desired goals, thereby increasing the efficiency in processing transactions, especially P2P transactions where the time and accuracy are two of most important.

The interface of the exchange allows a quick view of the market pairs to trade, making the conversion of currency pairs easier. Less experienced traders have a fast trading option that basically allows users to sell their coins at the market rate.

2 / Quick KYC processing.

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Another very interesting point of the TIENDIENTU247 exchange is that the identity verification system. This identity verification system of TIENDIENTU247 will process your KYC in a few hours after registration while ensuring the right KYC protocol. The exchange development team has built a robust system to minimize verification time.

This makes it possible for a novice investor to take full advantage of the market’s volatility, to trade inter-exchanges without difficulty in withdrawing, due to the incomplete verification process. identity.

3 / Best financial security and network security in the industry.

The security system of the exchange is also one of the factors that TIENDIENTU247 will be where investors are very interested. TIENDIENTU247’s security system not only lies in the level of network security but also invests heavily in the security system of financial audits on a regular basis to ensure a highly secure transaction platform for investors and traders.

The financial audit security system that TIENDIENTU247 currently uses, is the system in Europe’s leading financial funds, following with SMETA audit standards (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)

4 / Diversity of transactions and platforms.

Convenience is the primary goal of TIENDIENTU247, as the exchange provides a wide range of trading solutions from the P2P Consensus Protocol, to the trading of currency pairs, to the trading of cryptocurrencies with Vietnamese Dong.

TIENDIENTU247 offers cross-platform applications from Website, to trading platforms on PC and MAC, to mobile applications on Android and IOS, this variety of platforms opens up the convenience of large transactions and remove all hardware barriers for traders.

5 / Super processing speed

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Perhaps the speed of transaction is the most important point that makes TIENDIENTU247 stand out of the race of exchanges in blocking the way to dominate the cryptocurrency market in Vietnam.

Adopting an exchange management system from the investor’s side, TIENDIENTU247 can handle millions of transactions. TIENDIENTU247’s infrastructure can expand in seconds to accommodate the surging market demand.

6 / Convenient transaction – Using local banks

One of the biggest difficulties and obstacles for new investors entering the cryptocurrency market is liquidity. Currently, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges that accept payments through local banks is very limited. Most buyers who want to own digital currencies must buy through international sites with international payment cards such as Visa, Master, American Express, etc., and incur a sizable transaction fee. Besides the usage limits in these cards, it is also difficult for users to buy a large number of properties that they are interested in.

TIENDIENTU247 accepts payments via local Vietnamese banks, creating favorable conditions for traders to buy and sell digital currencies in large quantities. The development of banking applications and mobile trading applications will enhance the convenience of choosing TIENDIENTU247 as a Vietnamese electronic asset exchange.


Developed by organizations and factors that have great faith in Blockchain technology and the future of digital currencies, TIENDIENTU247 has opened up a new choice for users in Vietnam. Certainly, the experiences that this exchange brings will make an impression in the crypto investment and trading world. A very bright future awaits a new economy of Vietnam, bringing a lot of hope for the generations of Industry 4.0.