Because of the Covid-19 disease, money and jobs were scarcer. This is also the time when blockchain games 2020 is crowned. Both entertaining and creating money for players.


Blockchain games are decentralized. Instead of living in a centrally controlled server, Blockchain game assets (digital goods) are distributed among ‘players’. Blockchain games either issue their own token or use an existing token. With well designed token economics and gameplay, blockchain games are starting a new era in the gaming industry.

The combination of online games and blockchain is a great opportunity for a new generation of games that are profitable and promises a brilliant future for the leading entertainment industry.


Age of Rust

Website: https://www.ageofrust.games/

Given US developer SpacePirate Games has been working on Age of Rust since mid-2017, it’s no surprise there have been some changes.

Age of Rust is an open-world 3D action game, possessing sharp, detailed graphics. Although there is combat-based gameplay, the game is geared towards exploration and puzzle-solving.


Age of Rust game based on science fiction game series

With impressive 3D graphics and help players make money, Eggsbook attracted many gamers.

Blankos Block Party

Website: https://blankos.com/

The first release from US blockchain game platform Mythical Games, this game brings a new experience. Blankos Block Party aims to bring joy and enjoy happy times in a private world. The game also possesses beautiful and attractive graphics.


Blankos Block Party is entertaining, hilarious

Indeed, this is a game filled with entertainment and fun. Earn money mechanism of it is the income system of the characters in the game.

Gods Unchained

Website: https://godsunchained.com/

This is tactical of card game from Fuel Games, and very competitive. Gods Unchained is gradually becoming a major blockchain game in 2020.

Interestingly, this game is free and allows players to use cards outside the blockchain. In addition, the game also has a system to change special cards every week. To buy or sell blockchain tokens to create your deck, you will need to pay Ethereum through Metamask.


Gods Unchained card game strategy

Hash Rush 

Website: https://hashrush.com/

Hash Rush is a tactical and real-time combat-building 3D PC game. One important feature is that you do not need a cryptocurrency to play this game.


Real-time 3D tactical game

What makes this special game is its image quality and ease of access. It contributes to making this game more prominent in 2020.


Website: https://eggsbook.com/

This is a new online game with a unique style. EggsBook is targeted at customers aged 12+ and gives them real experience in personal finance management, learning how to make money from the smallest. The game is considered to be highly educational, multi-platform and especially its simple and easy-to-play interface


Online fish farming game EggsBook

The  Eggsbook game owns a system of diverse fish varieties, attractive daily missions, in addition to that players can also make money from any item. EggsBook is a free-style game genre, players use many different ways of playing to make a profit, not to cause boredom. Officially launched from September 5th, 2020, Eggsbook has attracted a lot of people interested in the game, not only the game for entertainment but also a place to learn how to manage finances to make a lot of profits. Eggsbook allows players to own eggs on September 20th, 2020, the gamer community is counting down every day to become the first to own.

Above is what you need to know about blockchain games and the top 5 most outstanding blockchain games in 2020. They not only entertain but also help you earn a little extra money.

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