iron pig with other coins

Due to the rapid development of blockchain technology, a series of other cryptocurrencies have been born to serve many different purposes, making the overall coin market very diverse. This makes choosing and making decisions sometimes not easy.

So, in this article, I will talk to you about the coins that are worth investing in late 2020 and 2021 according to certain criteria.

What is Coin? The Market of coins in 2021

Every investor participating in the cryptocurrency market wants to find the best coins to maximize their profitability, but assessing which virtual currency is “good” is difficult. Not everyone can do it. Currently, experienced investors in the market all rely on the following common characteristics to evaluate a coin whether it is really worth investing in or not.

To evaluate whether a coin is worth it or not, we need to understand the following general characteristics:

  • Stability: in essence, cryptocurrency is the most reliable market for long-term investors. So to determine whether to invest in a certain coin or not, the first issue to take into account is the stability of that coin.
  • Exceptionality: Certainly creating a highly stable coin like BTC is not easy, especially in the current context that almost all Bitcoins are traded against BTC. There is no such thing as BTC alone that can create miracles, so when you discover coins with a large base value and high growth potential, you should focus your attention on them as much as possible.
  • Growth Rate: This issue is at the core of any valuation process for any asset, and the cryptocurrency market is no exception. Looking at a coin’s growth rate will show us its future development as well as give a forecast of the coin’s value increase over time in the market.
  • Technology that creates the coin: Because of the nature of the “electronic” coins, so the technology that makes up the coin is always a criterion to evaluate its long-term development, although most of the coins are now Big coins like BTC, XRP, ETH all work according to a common model and they connect with each other.
The Iron Pig Hero

Three coins to invest in 2021

Bitcoin: Born in 2009, Bitcoin is considered the most profitable investment asset for more than a decade. It can be said that in terms of its value, it surpasses that of stocks, gold, or some other asset class. Currently, the demand for buying and selling BTC accounts for more than 60% of the global virtual currency market. In terms of financial potential, although it is a fairly traditional virtual currency, it is still a safe investment choice, perfect for the amateur to professional traders.

Dogecoin: is a cryptocurrency or digital currency developed based on the Litecoin platform. works based on public password encryption. Each DOGE trading address will have a private password and a public password. Only a private password can decrypt the encrypted data associated with the public password, thus ensuring security even when the public password is widely shared.

Iron Pig Hero: is a currency born when the world is engulfed in the COVID-19 pandemic with new variations. And carrying out the mission of raising funds for charity, 100% of charity funds will be transferred directly to countries that are heavily affected by the pandemic. Therefore, despite being born, Iron Pig Hero has great potential for development (we will understand more about IPH in the next section).

Newly born cryptocurrency IPH

Iron Pig Hero with the mission of developing maximum profit for users and cooperating with non-profit organizations to repel the Covid-19 pandemic. With rigorously trained Iron Pig Hero teams, owners will have absolute confidence in adding long-term value as well as having a positive impact on today’s pandemic.

Iron Pig Hero (IPH) is the world’s first token that allows users to hold millions of billions of Tokens. Iron Pig Hero was created based on BEP-20 technology and distributed against its platform. Members can make money from interest with the “farming” function and can benefit the Earth with very clear goals, which is to become the first cryptocurrency to repel the covid-19 pandemic. 

1% of each transaction will be distributed directly to all holders and these will be strictly controlled for users so participants can rest assured about this.

About Iron Pig Hero cryptocurrency

Name: Iron Pig Hero

Token Code: IPH

Technology: BEP-20

  • Total Supply: 1,500,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Initial Burn: 40% of Token reserves lượng
  • Fair Issuance: 60% of Token reserves
  • Transaction fee allocation 4%:
    • 1% liquidity lock
    • 1% goes to non-profit charities
    • 1% distributed to all owners
    • The remaining 1% will quiz

How to own an IPH

As announced, we can buy IPH directly on the Pancake Swap exchange.

If the owner is having trouble buying on the above exchanges, they can choose to buy right on the IPH website to be redirected to the Pancake Swap exchange. Iron Pig Hero teams will try to develop the easiest interface for users.

In the next stages, IPH will be listed on exchanges like Yobit, ChainS, BitPay, Binance, Huobi, etc. and players can own IPH on these exchanges.

With high volatility, short-term investment is very suitable for traders who want to make money from the price difference of cryptocurrencies. If you want to invest in virtual currencies and other financial markets in a short time, the IPH exchange is a very reliable choice.